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How Social is Your Company?

In 2017, there is no doubt social media will continue to once again be a crucial part of any business’ marketing and public relations strategies. It’s important for companies to have a strong social media presence, however; customers will not interact with a brand that’s filling up their timelines constantly with new products or services. Social media should also be fun, entertaining, and a way to share information.

Here are some social media tips that allow your company to find the perfect balance of increasing customer interaction, exposure, and effectively building a brand via social media.

¬    Be timely in your posting. It’s important to remember that the best time to post varies by industry, channel, and target audience. Therefore, it’s recommended to understand and recognize when your customers are consumed with work, running errands, or are in class in order to catch them when their phone is in their hands. Businesses will suffer if they get into a habit of posting at different times throughout the day, which could lead to “unfollows” or your message blending in with other company’s messages. Once your company develops a social media plan, the name of the game is consistency. Stick with the same frequency and timeliness of posting to most effectively engage your target audience at their peak interest.

¬    Take advantage of the strengths of each platform. Having a presence on different social media platforms will give your brand the exposure it’s seeking. Instagram continues to emerge in 2017 as the platform with the highest follower engagement rate. If you have products to share, showcasing them on Instagram will likely earn you increased sales and website traffic. However, 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35. If your client base has a higher average age, look to continue your brand’s momentum using Facebook’s huge and diverse user base. Also keep in mind that the images on Instagram do best when they are of higher quality. Competition for top-notch imagery is fierce. Next, Twitter is a highly effective way to provide instant feedback to your customer’s experience, complaints, or suggestions when it comes to your brand. Just make sure to respond to a tweet as quickly as possible to display a level of concern towards customer satisfaction. If you notice that one particular platform is more effective than others, don’t be afraid to emphasize it, but make sure you are not losing a presence on other social media websites. Lastly, take advantage of LinkedIn if you are a business owner. Business professionals tend to flock to it and this platform can be an effective tool for your company’s search engine optimization.

¬    Learn from your competitors. Don’t forget to always take notice of your competitor’s social media strategy. A very effective strategy is learning what your competitors are doing well, but also taking note on what they could be doing better. If a competitor is doing a good job creating content for specific platforms, try to replicate their technique. Also, if you notice that a competitor does not have a presence on Pinterest or YouTube, you may want to consider the competitive advantage of building consumer trust and loyalty with customers they aren’t reaching. It’s always essential to stay one step ahead of competitors in your industry by creating the most interactive, visually striking, and engaging material that social media users trust and seek out.

¬    Post a variety of content. It’s crucial that your brand is finding a balance in the content it posts. The goal of any company should be to post material that interests the reader, brings them closer to your brand, and displays the value your company can bring to their everyday lives. It’s important to post images or information related to new products or services. However, don’t forget the importance of posting information about your company and how it’s characteristics, values, and goals directly relates with customers. As consumers, most of us do not want a “pushy sales pitch” filling up our social media feed daily. Posting about the employees that make your brand what it is, quotes that sums up your company’s mission, and information that your customer base will find interesting is the key to having an all-around effective social media presence.

Need more direction on what social media marketing tips may work for you and your business? Cork Tree Creative manages a variety of social media platforms for clients, offering a creative way to share the news and views for your particular business. New social media platforms are created every day, and we can help determine which ones offer the most engagement and impact for your business. Give us a call at 618-656-7333. What can we do for you?

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