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Together we have lived in 28 different U.S. cities. We know enough Spanish to survive a taxi ride in Mexico. For fun we cook, garden, ride bikes, make a lot of noise, talk about design, dream big, laugh with our kids, drink wine, mix it up with a few martinis, enjoy fine dining (and not such fine dining), and have great respect for each other.

In short, we are a diverse crew with a ton of experience inside and outside the office. Many clients consider us an extension of their staff: the ones you call when you need a flyer, an event planned, an e-marketing campaign executed or help with writing a spectacular speech for a presentation. There isn't much we haven't done, so the question is…what can we do for you?

Jan Carpenter
Principal and Creative Director

A true professional in graphic design, website development and print production, Jan has more than 20 years experience in the industry.

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Laura Reed
Principal and Public Relations Director

Laura is a devotee to the trade of PR with more than 20 years experience in media relations, creative copywriting and project management.

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Nicole Dicks
Senior Account Executive

A skilled writer and marketing mavin with a knack for project management, Nicole is the master of messaging.

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Julie Cheatham
Senior Account Executive

An experienced public relations pro, Julie uses her spunk and energy to inspire and excite both our team and our clients. Her can-do attitude carries her through every day.

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Scott Brown
Graphic Designer and Front End Web Designer/Developer

Our go-to guy for all front-end design and development, Scott is a talented designer and web developer with more than 15 years under his belt.

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Carmen Schuette
Graphic Designer, Photographer/Videographer

A talent behind the lens and in design, Carmen is gifted in all things creative with nearly 10 years of experience in the field. 

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Keagan Mouradian
Graphic Designer

A passionate, self-driven, young designer, Keagan is up for the challenges our fast paced creative environment brings.

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Jaci Rothe
Account Executive

A dynamo at public relations and a wordsmith like no other, Jaci is a rising star in the industry and a true professional who always has a smile on her face.

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Luke Jansen

With a knack for PR and social media management, Luke is an up-and-coming leader who brings a little extra spark of fun to the workplace everyday.

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Our Bucket Lists

Julie's Bucket List

  • Retire to a mountain cabin with my husband
  • Open a sanctuary of love and happiness for senior dogs
  • Ride an elephant; they’re my favorite!
  • Go for a ride in a new Rolls-Royce

Keagan's Bucket List

  • Run under a 5 minute mile
  • Live off the land for a full week
  • Witness every Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt painting in existence
  • Invent something
  • Start my own business
  • Pay for my kid’s college tuition

Luke's Bucket List

  • Own oceanfront property
  • Attend a White House Christmas Party
  • Live life to the fullest
  • Be at least half as good of a parent as mine are
  • Meet at least one of the Today Show anchors
  • Sit in the Audience of Saturday Night Live
  • Visit Europe (Again)

Jaci's Bucket List

  • Be a part of a flash mob
  • Learn how to surf
  • Take my mom on the vacation of her dreams
  • Visit Greece
  • Acquire a green thumb like my grandmother’s
  • One day have a little family of my own

Carmen's Bucket List

  • Have healthy happy babies some day
  • Become a science geek and learn all there is to know about our solar system
  • Meet the Dali Lama
  • Get a Grand Piano
  • Live to the ripe age of 96 and die hand in hand with Philip (like in The Notebook)
  • Grow wise with age as my parents did
  • Eat foods all grown/raised at our home

Scott's Bucket List

  • Skydiving
  • Whitewater Raft/Camping trip through the Grand Canyon
  • Roadie for a high profile rock band
  • Re-visit Europe and do the backpack train tour
  • Brew my own Belgian Trappist style ale
  • Visit an Island in the Carribean

Nicole's Bucket List

  • Visit Greece and surrounding Islands
  • Scuba dive all the major reefs
  • Turn my journals into a best-selling novel
  • Be a pianist in a swanky piano bar
  • Take a hot air balloon ride with Kurt
  • Actually FINISH one of my numerous paintings and SELL IT!

Jan's Bucket List

  • Go on an African Safari
  • Own AND drive a '65 Convertible Mustang
  • Touring Europe would be good
  • Pick a stock on the ground floor (Apple comes to mind)
  • Have Grandkids
  • Learn Mandarin 

Laura's Bucket List

  • Comfortably retire
  • Collect Every Species of Hydrangeas
  • Visit Costa Rica and Hawaii 
  • Watch my daughter become a tennis star
  • Move Scott into his dream home

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