Carmen Schuette

About Me:

I'm a true believer in living life to its fullest. There are never too many people to meet, too many places to visit and too many adventures to try. I believe that it is better to be okay at many things than really great at one thing. And, I believe that sometimes you have to fail in order to advance. I grew up a frog chasing country girl in St. Rose, Illinois. I have three older sisters and two loving parents. By the time I was 18 all of my parents' children were spread across the U.S. growing into adults. I myself choosing Chicago as my getaway. After nearly 10 years in Chicago, I began to not only miss my family (my sisters now married and popping out kids at a rapid pace), but also the bright glowing starry nights, the vast openness of the horizon and the extreme quiet. A short while after I returned home, I started a photography business, remodeled a home, and met the man of my dreams, Philip. Philip and I are now engaged and are planning to get married next May (hurray!).

My Job:

I am part of the fifth generation of my family to work in the Schuette's Markets grocery stores. My Great (x3) Grandfather started the stores in 1863 and they are currently ran by my father and two of my sisters. Being that two of my sisters are excellent at running a business and all things business related and myself and my other sister were better at painting, drawing, photography, graphic design and all things art related, we both opted to step down and let the tradition continue with the other two. After college at DePaul University I worked as an Account Associate in a downtown Chicago Advertising Agency for three years. I learned the ins and outs of the business and met many great people along the way. After much thought and many long nights, I took a leap of faith and decided I needed more education in the fine arts to really "round myself out". I extended my degree at Columbia College Art School in Chicago and once finished, packed my bags and moved back down south to open a photography business, do graphic design for my family's grocery store business and pay back lots and lots of student loans. It's now been four fun years of doing independent photography and graphic design and Cork Tree Creative has added me to their fantastic team to assist in Graphic Design, Photography, Videography and all things art related.

Carmen's Bucket List

  • Have healthy happy babies some day
  • Become a science geek and learn all there is to know about our solar system
  • Meet the Dali Lama
  • Get a Grand Piano
  • Live to the ripe age of 96 and die hand in hand with Philip (like in The Notebook)
  • Grow wise with age as my parents did
  • Eat foods all grown/raised at our home

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