Laura Reed

About Me:

I’m probably one of the happiest people alive and believe my greatest accomplishment in life is being a mommy to Ella and step mom to Autumn and Ashton. A collector of Hydrangeas and a Fixer Upper junkie, I LOVE to be home and dedicate most of my free time to restoring our 100 year old bungalow. I am completely fueled by laughter, have what some say is a strange sense of humor and find that I laugh the most at work and with my husband, Scott.

I consider myself easy going and somewhat of a peace-maker. Extremely social, I find I’m happiest when surrounded by friends, and keeping life simple. I crochet for therapy. Yes, crochet. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I will look for any excuse to NOT wear socks. Yeah, I’m one of those people who wears flip flops in January.

My Job:

Life seemed to really get interesting for me when I married my Scott in Zihuantanejo, Mexico. I had a great career as one of the senior members at a PR firm in downtown St. Louis, but when we started making life plans, things changed. When I had our daughter Ella I knew that soon I wanted to run my own marketing company so I could have a career and a life close to home . . . you know, have it all! Having been raised by two entrepreneurial parents my life path is no real surprise. I have a tendency to work too much but believe it’s because my job is so amazing and most of our clients have become good friends. Known as the one who “figures it all out,” I like to create PR and marketing plans and do whatever it takes to make clients happy. Life is good.

Examples of my work:

Media Training of Madison County Officials (Madison County, Illinois)

In 2003, Reed assisted two newly-elected officials of Madison County Government in completing media training. The training consisted of message mapping, on-camera practice interviews and critiques and devising a set of “hypotheticals” for them to use to continue to practice outside of training. Reed also assisted them in developing a media relations protocol for staff members to follow when media calls were received at each respective office.

Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois (Edwardsville, Illinois – Madison County)

Reed has extensive experience in economic development and community outreach PR campaigns. Most of this experience was gained while working 8 years with the Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois. Formerly of The Hauser Group in St. Louis, Reed served as the lead account executive for public relations and assisted in many of the organization’s most prominent campaigns such as: East County, Stand Up for Steel, Gubernatorial Tours, Salute to Southwestern Illinois and Preserve and Enhance Scott Air Force Base.

Scott Air Force Base Retention- Leadership Council (St. Louis Region)

Reed played an instrumental role in the planning and implementation of the regional campaign to Preserve and Enhance Scott Air Force Base leading up to the 2005 round of Base Realignment and Closure. Reed served as the primary communications manager of the campaign, organizing lobbying events in Springfield, and working with the design team to produce communications tools to garner public support of the base (website, banners, story boards, etc.). Reed also managed the communication of the results of an economic impact study about the base to local media, secured, scripted and organized a 60-minute documentary with KETC-TV Channel 9 about the base and a two-page advertorial in the St. Louis Business Journal highlighting the need to preserve the base.

Green Investment Group (Alton, Illinois – Madison County)

Reed serves as media relations/marketing manager for Green Investment Group (GIGI).  The company purchases brownfield sites throughout North America, mostly former Smurfit-Stone paper mills, and redevelops them into renewable, green technology sites. Green came to Cork Tree Creative in 2009 after purchasing their first several properties and was in need of media relations assistance to field calls from reporters in the U.S. and Canada. Since, our role with Green Investment Group has evolved into much more. We have assisted in scripting and providing graphic design support for the development of multiple public presentations the company often makes to keep the public informed of their plans and progress at each of their sites. We have worked with community leaders in the city’s in which they own property in both the U.S. and Canada, developing unified messages, site plans, environmental assessments and reports, and ultimately public outreach materials. We have assisted in crafting messages and sales materials, using our background in economic development to deliver materials most appealing and relevant to site selectors. And, we have designed four independent brands (corporate brand and three brands for properties) and two websites for the company (, In addition, we work with national economic development trade publications to get headlines about their progress at each of their sites and their ability to remediate environmental concerns at their properties.

MLP Investment’s Kirkwood Station  (Frontenac, Missouri – St. Louis County)

In the early 2000’s, Reed served as a public relations consultant to MLP Investments, LLC in Frontenac, Missouri in support of their development of Kirkwood Station in downtown Kirkwood. Given the location of the property, across from Kirkwood City Hall, and the nature of the project, Kirkwood Station was developed during a time of public uncertainty. The first of it’s kind in the community, Kirkwood Station was designed as an urban infill, mixed-use, walking community that would combine light retail with luxury living in a pedestrian-friendly design. Many public meetings were held to calm the nerves of the community and its residents, who were hesitant about MLP Investments building “high rises” in the center of their quaint community. We worked to develop messaging, branding, advertisements, public meeting communications materials and presentations and more to reinforce the design concept and the company’s intentions to maintain the integrity of the community and its charm. Today, Kirkwood Station is among one of the region’s destinations for outdoor dining and entertainment and a home for those who reside in the luxury condominiums above.

Comprehensive Marketing Support for St. Louis Regional Law Firm (Edwardsville, Illinois - Madison County)

Reed and the Cork Tree Creative team have assisted a large, nation law firm in their public relations, advertising and ongoing marketing efforts since 2009. We have also helped the firm in narrowing its philanthropic focus, sponsor high-profile community events in an effort to enhance the community’s awareness of the firm and help them develop a cohesive set of marketing tools. We also assist in the purchase, organization and design of their print ads and development of a new firm website. Media relations remains an ongoing service, targeting legal trades and media throughout the country.

Public Relations and Social Media Support for Dunkin' Donuts (St. Louis Region)

With plans to open 12 new stores in the St. Louis area, Dunkin’ Donuts partnered with our firm in April 2016 to provide local PR and Social media support and to establish brand partnerships and ambassadors throughout the region. Our work continues with the coffee/donut brand as we leverage programs with KPNT-FM, St. Louis Blues Hockey, St. Louis Cardinals Baseball and local bloggers. Brand placement in St. Louis communities/events and quality photography have been key tools used for building loyal Dunkin’ fans in the St. Louis area.

Laura's Bucket List

  • Comfortably retire
  • Collect Every Species of Hydrangeas
  • Visit Costa Rica and Hawaii 
  • Watch my daughter become a tennis star
  • Move Scott into his dream home

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