Website Design Company in St. Louis

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Let’s face it, by today’s standards if you don’t have custom website design and hosting for your business then you’re missing a bulk of potential customers. Maybe you have started the process of researching website development companies, but just haven’t found a website service provider in the St. Louis area that can deliver. You may have even paid an online marketing provider or advertising business to develop a website for your company using a template web site design that you now feel needs to expand, but the support staff of the online marketing business isn’t as responsive as you would like. These are all common scenarios we hear about when approached by clients interested in having us do website development for them . . . and here’s what we tell them.

The truth is you can get the website that you want with a custom website design AND have the option of making your own copy edits from the comfort of your own office, 24/7. Your initial investment will be in the website design and website development but you can make up for that investment by reducing your needed web updates by having us build a user-friendly content management site. If you would rather let us manage your website copy changes for you, that’s always an option as well. Best of all, when you work with us, you know we can be reached directly and can take care of your website maintenance needs at your request. Ask us about our Joomla website design portfolio or Wordpress websites and we will happily tell you more.

Website Design & Custom Website Design Services That Work For You

Strategic website design takes into consideration many things: search engine optimization (SEO) keywords, links to social media marketing, video marketing and aesthetics. Our web designers not only know how to create websites that get to the top of a Google search, but create a custom web design that reflects your company’s taste and individuality, appealing to your target audience. Professional website development takes into consideration the latest technology as well as the ability to anticipate “the next greatest advancement” around the corner. Interested in mobile website development? We do that too.

We’re a Full Service Website Design Company in St. Louis

Cork Tree Creative creates affordable websites focusing on internet marketing advertising as well as internal corporate website design services requiring the use of an intranet or employee portal.  Locally recognized as a preeminent St. Louis website design company, we understand the importance of web designs that deliver, working with many of our corporate clients on their website, strategic marketing campaign, and social media marketing approach to create a successful brand identity. Because we offer comprehensive services, using all of the major media channels, Cork Tree Creative is considered one of the best web design companies in St. Louis.

We Create Responsive Websites

At Cork Tree, we recognize and understand the importance of having a responsive website. That is why we always encourage our clients to invest in website that is responsive, providing the optimal viewing experience for their customers. Google agrees with us. In fact, Google not only prefers responsive design for mobile configuration, the company also believes that responsive web design is the industry best practice. Why? From a technical standpoint, Google likes responsive design because websites built with a responsive design element have only one URL and the same HTML, neither of which change regardless of the device being used. So that makes it easier for Google to crawl, index and organize information and content and therefore easier to find your site.

Google not only prefers a responsive website, users do too! Responsive design will give your visitor a very similar view of your website than if they were to access it from a desktop or laptop computer. That view responds to the device they are using and gives them a similar experience as if they are accessing the site from a computer. This familiarity creates a more satisfying experience for viewers, making it more likely that they will visit your site time and time again.

Bottom line, whether you are on board with responsive design or not, it is the direction that all web masters are headed. It might be an investment over and beyond your initial web design/development fees, but it will pay off in the end and you won't have to pay later to get your site up to speed when responsive is the only way to go. So, whether you have an existing site and simply need to adapt it to be responsive or it's time for a brand new site, we can help!

What Can We Do For You?

Cork Tree Creative has worked with entrepreneurial clients launching a new business venture and with well-known businesses freshening up their outdated website. We are able to write the website content for you, assigning you with one of our top-notch website content development writers. Or, we are happy to simply review what you’ve written and give suggestions. Cork Tree Creative has also created e-commerce websites for businesses interested in selling their products to an online audience. If you’re looking for a website design company with a strong portfolio of happy clients and seemingly endless services, look no further. We serve the greater Metro East area of St. Louis, with clients in Edwardsville, Collinsville and Belleville, Illinois.