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2017: A Focus on Today's PR Team

June 20, 2017

A writer for Forbes recently wrote, “The public relations industry does a terrible job of public relations.” He went on to say, unless you’re in the industry “very few people can explain what people in public relations really do.” Typically, PR professionals don’t buy advertising. They don’t create commercial jingles, and they don’t work the kiosks at the local outlet mall.

So What Do PR Professionals Do?

Today’s PR professionals focus mainly on creating relationships between people and businesses by using strategic methods of communication. Our main goal is to promote clients, helping spread the good word about their company, products, services and more. This includes anything from writing taglines to help brand a new client’s business to assisting our graphic design team in ad copy for a trade magazine. Read on to find out common ways our public relations team shares your story.

Press releases

In 2017, press releases are just as important as they ever were. And, in some cases, they are even more relevant. With internet bloggers and self-described social media “experts," who can you believe is telling the truth?

Press releases are written by fact-checkers and are commonly distributed to the local or national media outlets. Public relations professionals work directly with companies and their front line staff. Through these relationships, PR folks know the true story. Along the way, they also build relationships with the newspaper reporters and media. When a release is distributed, it can then be shared to online outlets and social media channels. This means that in today’s world, a single press release can be circulated faster than ever, and with an extended reach. It now goes beyond the audience of that had simply reached for their morning paper.

Social media

Some businesses use social media correctly. However, there are many that do not. In fact, there are businesses that don’t utilize the power of social media at all. Where do you fall? Social media is a powerful tool, one that many public relations teams recommend for clients. This is because it’s one of the best ways to share your story. Own a boutique in town for children’s clothing? Why not showcase your new summer collection on Instagram? Do you operate a restaurant and need to update customers about your daily specials? Why not post that information with a delicious-looking photo on Facebook?

Most company websites can’t be updated as easily and conveniently as a social media page. When companies utilize social media, they engage in strategic communication between the business and consumer. As a result, they create and build relationships between the two. Social media communication strategies can also translate into profit for your company. 

Crisis Management

With PR, you’re either create a story for a client or follow one. Should anything go wrong, whether someone at the corporate office finds himself in the middle of a fabricated story or something technical goes wrong with a product launch, a public relations team will have a plan to handle the situation. They usually must do so in the most ethical way, protecting your brand’s identity.

Public relations professionals will monitor all media outlets. While doing so, they follow and brainstorm ways to respond to any negativity. After all, they’ve worked hard to create your story to make it one your audience follows, respects and trusts. PR pros have the skills to enhance a client’s image, and they know what to do if something goes askew.

There's More To Public Relations Than You Think

Many public relations professionals write, edit and create content for a variety of platforms. These include websites, marketing collateral, social media and trade magazines. Additionally, there are many ways public relations can be used to communicate a client’s story. The end result is that it brings people and businesses together. Often, PR professionals manage events and promotions on top of other tasks. They help connect the community in ways that go beyond a press release. How do all the local news channels find out about your company’s expansion or fundraising efforts? A PR pro tipped them off of course!

The process of creating an image and brand for your business begins with on-going discussion, research and understanding. At Cork Tree Creative, Inc. our team works diligently to create an accurate, cohesive message that will appeal to your unique audience. Our graphic design and marketing services are combined with public relations under one roof. As a result, it's now easier than ever to create the perfect campaign for clients, big and small. Want to learn more? Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, #TodayAtTheTree.