Not all of us are writers. Some of us find that the written word is much more complicated than the spoken one. In our industry, it’s important to be skilled at both! As a Cork Tree Creative team member that writes often, proofs pages of material at a time, and is a stickler for being grammatically correct, I was not really surprised by Matt Cutts (Google’s spokesperson for “all things Google”), when he indicated last week that if your company is using guest blogging or participating in guest blogging solely to link build and get people to your website, those days are over.

Guest blogging can still be used if the information is relevant to your site. It can still grow your audience. However, don’t use guest blogging with links simply to help add keywords and phrases to your site and it’s now considered a “no-no” to use it exclusively. This new “spam prevention” tactic may be just what the doctor ordered since well-written, thoughtful observations may sometimes be difficult to come by when searching website content.

So what do I think about this new guideline? I think it gives us a glimmer of hope that there can still be fresh, creative ideas expressed in website copy – and not everything has to be shared or stolen. Sure, if there’s a grand idea worth sharing – by all means share it. But don’t let that stop you from writing your next monumental blog, one that is truly unique and all your own.