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How to Make Yourself Stand Out on LinkedIn

July 6, 2020

LinkedIn can be a great resource for individuals and organizations, alike. Not only does it allow professionals to connect with one another and share key industry insights, but it’s also a great way for businesses to recruit talent and for jobseekers to find new opportunities. Do you want to learn how to make yourself stand out on LinkedIn? You've come to the right place!

Like any social platform, the key to “mastering” LinkedIn is to maintain an active presence. If you create a LinkedIn profile but fail to share posts or keep it up-to-date, then you’re missing out on all the platform has to offer! If you want to be noticed, as a business or as an individual, there are a few simple tips you can follow:

Update Your LinkedIn Profile Information Often

One of the best ways to make yourself stand out on LinkedIn, or any social media platform, is to make sure you are continuously updating your information. For individuals, this can include your job title, responsibilities, resume and even your profile photo. If you use LinkedIn for your business, then your updates might be relevant to your industry, such as recent clients, awards, projects and, most importantly, website and contact information.

Invest in Professional Photos or Headshots

Your profile photo will more than likely be the first thing people see when searching for you or your business. That’s why it’s important have quality photos. Consider investing in professional headshots every few years, or, if that’s unavailable to you, take your own. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to photos:

  • Keep the photo focused on your face (aim for about the shoulders, up), and avoid distracting backgrounds.
  • Dress professionally according to your industry. This goes beyond your clothes. Make sure to pay attention to your hair, facial hair, makeup, jewelry or other accessories.
  • High resolution photos look best.
  • Have someone else take the photo. Avoid selfies, and make sure the photo is of you only.

If you’re a company looking to stand out on the platform, use a background photo specific to your industry. You should also incorporate high quality photographs in each of your posts, but make sure they’re appropriate and match your organization and its goals.

Stand Out on LinkedIn By Sharing Relevant Content

Whether you’re an individual or an organization, a great way to get noticed on LinkedIn is to share relevant content. This will boost your score in LinkedIn’s algorithmic search results, meaning you’re more likely to pop up on the pages of your connections and followers. Not sure what to post about? Find ways to be creative while still appealing to your industry. Post articles and blogs with relative keywords and business highlights. If you’re an individual looking to score your next professional gig, don’t be afraid to showcase your talents. Along with creating your own content, you can also engage with your connections by liking and commenting on their posts.

Take Advantage of All linkedin has to offer

LinkedIn offers a lot of unique features to its users. On the individual side, you can ask for endorsements, take a skills assessment and even showcase past projects and achievements. For businesses, you can equip your profile with searchable hashtags to make it easier for others to find you. LinkedIn Analytics also provides opportunities to learn more about how visitors engage with your page and content.

Grow Your LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn was created to help you cultivate your professional network. Whether that’s following prominent names in your field or connecting with colleagues, peers and local professionals, growing your network is one of the best ways to help you stand out and succeed on the platform. If you’re a recent college graduate, these connections can help you find potential career or internship opportunities. As an experienced professional, more connections might provide you with new business or industry insights.

Are you looking to improve your LinkedIn presence? Do you have a business page but need a little help getting noticed by your target audience? Contact our team of social media experts at Cork Tree Creative today! (618) 656-7333