Digital Retargeting Ads

You are shopping online on your favorite shoe store’s website. After browsing for a while, you decide to check Facebook. As you are scrolling through your feed and reading what your friends are up to, you see the shoes. The shoes that instantly caught your eye, but you decided to wait to purchase because you already have so many in your closet. Then, a few days later, you are on looking at the latest kitchen design trends, and you see the shoes again. You can’t stop yourself. You click on the ad, and are taken back to the shoe store’s site and before you know it, they are in your cart. Sound familiar? If something like this has happened to you, then you have been served retargeting ads.. and it worked.

With our retargeting ad services, we help bring your online visitors back to your website and drive a sale. The key to a successful retargeting campaign is influential ads. We craft each ad to appeal to your target audience. Our ad campaigns are powerful and compel users to return to your site and make a purchase.

Once we create your ads, we then closely analyze and monitor your campaign to ensure it is successful. Our digital advertising specialists are constantly working on your campaign, increasing your click-through rate and conversions. We also provide monthly reporting to keep you in the loop.

Are you ready to stay in front of your customers and increase your online sales? Let’s get started! Contact us today.

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