Someone using the social media app instagram


When Facebook and Myspace came into existence, it was geared more towards teens and young adults. Today, corporations, small businesses and a wide-range of adults use social media to stay informed and interact with clients. Thus, giving them the ability to share information like never before. 

What do the social media specialists think?

Specialists agree that social media marketing will finally be embraced as a central strategy when implementing a marketing plan.

What are considered the core pillars of a successful marketing strategy?

The core pillars of a successful marking strategy are publication and distribution. Social media marking gives you the opportunity to share your companies capabilities with thousands of people, at a fair price. While print media is still a commonly used outlet, the more cost-effective option is sharing via social outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Utilizing social is a fast track marketing method. No waiting required!

You can widen your reach of who views your latest and greatest product or share how you’ve expanded and added another franchise via social media. These platforms extend the message faster and farther than we could have ever imagined. Last year was an epic year for Cork Tree Creative’s social media team, adding new accounts as quickly as we could send the proposals. Why? Because businesses are realizing that a great marketing brochure, YouTube video or announcement can’t succeed with regular outlets of print alone. How you distribute the good news is really what makes the marketing strategy successful. 

How do you put a plan in place?

Contact Cork Tree Creative and we’ll help you succeed -and have fun doing it. Cork Tree Creative is a full service marketing firm. Our social specialists can work directly with your team to create a plan that fits your needs. Call us at 618-656-7333.