Event Targeting


Digital advertising works wonders when trying to capture a consumer’s attention. With the use of geofencing, we are even able to target customers that have attended a certain event, conference, trade show or festival. For example, if you’re in the business of selling windows and doors, we can target a popular home and garden show in town and send them your ads for many days after the event. Most people at events have their mobile devices with them so capturing their attendance is easier than ever before. 
When using Event Targeting with your digital ads, you can build an audience of consumers with similar tastes and needs that are also based on their recent attendance at an event in a certain timeframe. This technology is also used to target certain consumers during defined holidays and geofenced locations. For example, over a recent Memorial Day Weekend, a lake marina wanted to target consumers based on their jet ski and boat rental preferences. This marina was able to build a custom audience around specific interests and hobbies associated with the lake, capturing significant consumers at their designated locations. 
With Event Targeting, you gain the precision and granularity that is often unsurpassed by other methods. If you want to take your digital advertising program to the next level, ask us about Event Targeting today. 

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