Digital Advertising & Google Adwords

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital marketing is more than sending emails to clients. It’s also a mix of pay-per-click ads, delivering your message through digital channels such as Internet searches, social media, and mobile app advertising. Cork Tree Creative can create, deliver and manage digital ads for our clients, working within any budget.

Hunting for a way to make sure your advertising dollars get your brand in front of the people most likely to become customers? Then digital ads are perfect for your business! Our digital ad strategies can target customers with greater accuracy than display ads in traditional media.

Have an event coming up that will be full of potential customers or referrers? We can draw a virtual border around it and continue to serve ads to the attendees after the event is over. We can even create a zone of ad delivery around your competitors.

If you’re looking to cast a wider net, Cork Tree Creative can launch a digital ad campaign in specific communities in a multitude of ways. We can deliver ads to people who are searching key terms related to your business or based on terms harvested from the websites they regularly visit. Has someone already visited your site but hasn’t committed to buying? We can target him or her with digital ads so your brand stays with them when they’re ready to commit.
Best of all, Cork Tree Creative can track the effectiveness of your digital ad campaign as it progresses to give you the best performance data to gauge its effectiveness and make adjustments in real time. Delivering ads to the right buyers and interested parties has never been easier.



With Google accounting for 2/3 of all online searches in the United States, Google AdWords is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. At Cork Tree Creative, our team manages Google AdWords campaigns for multiple clients in a variety of industries. Our AdWords specialists have completed Google’s certification requirements, which means that we are experts of the complex Pay-Per-Click platform.

We can help you create an AdWords account for your business from scratch, or we can overhaul your existing AdWords campaigns. Whether you are a nationally recognized company or a local online boutique, we can successfully manage your campaign through the following services:

  • Keyword Selection
  • Creating Ads
  • Linking Ads With Appropriate Landing Pages on Website
  • Set Up Conversion and/or Call Tracking
  • Developing a Budget
  • Tracking Competitors’ Campaigns
  • Monitoring Account and Managing Costs
  • Producing Monthly Reports to Share with Client

Are you ready to jump on the Digital Advertising & Google Adwords train?

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