Haley Wakeford

Account Executive

Haley Wakeford specializes in account management and client relations. During her time in marketing, she has acquired a range of skills, including copywriting, digital ad management and social media marketing.

Wakeford brings with her experience from agencies both large and small. Working with a range of clients from large healthcare companies to midsize industrial businesses, Wakefords’ understanding of various markets lends her a skillset and flexibility to work with businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Among her accomplishments are:


  • Develops messaging and manages digital advertising for numerous clients, ranging from private schools to healthcare companies. 
  • Writes technical blogs and additional content for a nationwide contractor in the pipeline and utility maintenance industry.
  • Produces engaging social media content and campaigns for a variety of clients, including international dog food brand, local family-owned lumberyard, large commercial real estate broker in Illinois, and more.
  • Worked with numerous industrial clients on business to business marketing campaigns.
  • Acquired HubSpot certifications for inbound marketing.
  • Trained in SimpliFi’s platform for digital advertising where she analyzes the day-to-day success of each of Cork Tree Creative’s digital advertising campaigns and makes recommendations for improvement, if needed.
  • Served as an account coordinator for one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the U.S.


    Haley’s Bucket List

    • Travel to Ireland 

    • Publish a children’s book

    • Meet Elton John

    • Enjoy retirement mountainside 

    • Learn how to do a cartwheel 

    105 Plaza Ct, Edwardsville, IL 62025