Keyword Contextual + Contextual Category Targeting

Keyword Contextual Targeting

Wouldn’t it be great to have customers that are already interested in your product or service see your ads when searching online? With keyword contextual targeting, potential customers are only seeing ads they are interested in, which means that you are serving digital ads to the best people. Want to increase your chances for making a valuable impression? Keyword contextual digital ads are an ideal option.

How it works
Cork Tree Creative can target URLs based on keywords that we’ve determined work the best for your business. URLs, simply put, are website addresses. For example, our URL is Within each website, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of keywords and phrases that keyword contextual targeting can search out.

With Keyword Contextual Targeting, you have defined keywords and website pages where you want your ads to appear. We are able to bid, report on, and optimize those keywords and digital ads for you, obtaining optimal performance for those ads. The best news? The CTR, or click-through-rate, is exceptional. Often 3 x’s higher than using only contextual category targeting.

Contextual Category Targeting

Very similar to Keyword Contextual Targeting, Contextual Category Targeting looks at the category of the current page a potential customer is viewing and then serves ads that are highly relevant to the page displaying that particular content. Website users will see ads that interest them, which means a higher click-through rate and valuable impressions.

The ads are placed on pages that fall into the best category for your business. There are more than 300 contextual categories defined by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and with digital advertising, we are able to display your ads based on their best opportunity to perform.

When Contextual Category Targeting and Keyword Contextual Targeting are used simultaneously in a digital advertising program, you’re able to target consumers based on granular keyword searches as well as with a higher-level category search.

At Cork Tree Creative, we can help you “shake things up” and create the best strategy for your digital advertising campaign.

At Cork Tree Creative, we can help you “shake things up” and create the best strategy for your digital advertising campaign. 

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