Press release writing and distribution

What is a press release and how can it be used?
A press release, often referred to as a media release or news release, is a brief document with details or announcements regarding a business or organization. While they range in length, most press release are short (1-2 pages in length) and contain critical information such as who, what, when, where and how. Similar to a news article, press releases are short, to-the-point and tell readers exactly what they need to know. They even include a business representative to contact for more information.
Release writing can be used for a variety of occasions. From product updates, upcoming events and even employee promotions, press releases can be used to deliver your business’s important announcements in an effective and timely manner.


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Don’t let the changing times and increasing digital landscape fool you, press releases are just as important today as they were years ago. Combined with other public relations strategies, a well-written press release is a useful tool for providing company information to the public.
Releases can be posted on company websites, printed in newsletters or sent to local journalists. Our distribution strategies focus on more than just blasting your release out to every media outlet in town. Instead we culminate strategic media relationships designed to get your message out to your desired, unique audience.
Our Cork Tree Creative Team has helped our clients to distribute releases to a variety of media outlets including:
–        Trade publications
–        Local and regional newspapers
–        Blogs or websites
–        Television and radio broadcast stations
–        Other corporate clients


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