Speech writing

Our professionals will help you find the right words for any occasion.
Speech writing can be a difficult, yet pivotal way to address employees, stakeholders or customers. Rather than spend hours painstakingly pouring over draft after draft, let our team help you craft the perfect message. We’ll not only help you find the right words, but we’ll also work with you to make sure each idea serves a valuable purpose for you and your business.
Our professionals at Cork Tree Creative can help you write speeches for any occasion:
–        Award nominations and acceptances
–        New staff members
–        Expansions
–        Community Events
Along with drafting, we’ll tailor your speech to fit your unique audience. Our team will can also assist you with delivery and give you advice on how to nail your speech and impress your audience every single time.
 Ready to get a jump on your next public appearance? Contact our team today! 

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