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Search engine marketing (SEM) is often confused with search engine optimization (SEO) because of their mutual relation to search engines. But these two beasts are quite different, despite their similar names. Search engine marketing is the overlord, or umbrella that encompasses SEO as well as paid ads or pay per click (PPC). Marketers develop strategic campaigns that integrate both SEO and PPC towards amplifying their business’ online presence and optimizing to search engines and target customers alike.

Take Your Search Engine Marketing to The Next Level with Cork Tree Creative

We’ve pioneered a number of successful SEM campaigns for a range of business clients. Let us help you get started on the right foot. We can save you the time and money that comes with learning all the subtle nuances we’ve already have figured out about search engine marketing.

If you’re thinking of getting your new SEM strategy started, we can help. First, do research on your target audience. A lot of research. Once you’ve created enough customer personas and developed a deep understanding of what keywords they’re searching for to find businesses like yours, you’re ready to begin planning the rest of your search engine marketing campaign.

Will you use both SEO and PPC to boost site visibility? Some people choose to do both, one or the other, or a lot of one, and some of the other. This delicate balance is based on your business, services, and customer demographics. Even so, a campaign that works for your competitor may not be the best option for you. You’ll want to outshine them after all, and what’s already working may not be enough to give you that special edge.

It’s time to break the mold.


Types of SEO to Consider

When using search engine optimization for your website, you can employ two tactics: organic and local.

Local SEO

Involves hunting out Google map listings and submitting your business information. You can boost visibility even further by hunting out other reputable sites that offer company listing services and submitting yours. Google submission is free but some other listing sites may cost to submit. Regardless, this will enable customers to physically find and contact your business, if it exists in real life and not just online.

Organic SEO

Involves optimizing your website to attract traffic naturally and without paying for it. This can involve a range of things like web design, media creation and so much more. If you’re interested in boosting your organic traffic visibility for your SEM campaign, Cork Tree Creative can help with that too.


PPC Options for Businesses

Business owners that decide to use paid advertisements to increase visibility to their online presence have several options to choose from. SEM campaigns can include PPC options like:

Search ads

Results you see when typing a query into a search engine. Unlike SEO, you pay for higher placement in search engine results. Competition for similar slots determine price for placement.

Display ads

Show specific customers advertisements on Google as well as other partner sites. If you do a good job researching customer demographics, you can select exactly the type of market your ads will appear in front of.

Social media ads

Paid advertisements that appear on social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are three popular channels that accept and display paid ads.


Encompasses paid advertisements that display on random websites. Some people can use dynamic marketing to show ads for specific products to a potential customer that was just looking or searching for it somewhere else. Sequential remarketing doesn’t just show specific ads to specific customers on other websites. Businesses can also create several ads that run in sequential order and change over time. 

Google Shopping

Great for eCommerce businesses. A Google Shopping PPC campaign can have much success for companies that sell products, as this will place their product in an image carousel right above the other Google search results. Additionally, shopping customers can also click the ‘Shopping’ tab above the Google search bar to only find visual options ready for purchase.

Let Us Handle the Search Engine Marketing for Your Business

SEM involves a range of moving parts that need to be researched, planned, and tested before you’ll start seeing noticeable results. A deep understanding of SEO and PPC is key to maximizing desired web traffic to your business offerings. While PPC can be especially helpful for quick traffic boosts and lead generation, SEO helps with long term traffic and completing the bigger picture.

 Are you a business owner or manager that wants to develop a useful search engine marketing strategy? Let Cork Tree Creative take the reins. We’ll do the leg work, expedite your desired results, and rocket your business right in front of your audience at all the right times.


We offer the following services to our clients:

Customer Personas and Market Research

Campaign and Strategy Planning

Paid Marketing and Advertisements (PPC)

Organic and Local SEO

Media Creation


and more…

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