Search Engine Optimization

When was the last time you searched for your business?

In today’s digital market, your website not only has to look good, but it also needs to drive traffic. The way your website is written on the front end, and coded in the back end, plays a critical role in how well it ranks on a search engine list. Popular internet search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more use keywords, backlinks, quality of content, and more as a determining factor when producing effective search results.

So, what happens when you type your business, product offerings or services into a website search engine? Does your business appear in the top listings? If not, no need to fear. Our team at Cork Tree Creative specializes in offering our clients affordable SEO solutions to meet their internet marketing needs and increase website ranking.

Our SEO strategies are guaranteed to help your customers easily find your business, products or services.

Search engine optimization, or SEO involves curating your company website to increase its chances of being found by search engines, and, most importantly, by potential customers. This means having relevant and reputable content on the front end of your site, and the back end of your site coded in a way that search engine algorithms understand. From paid solutions to organic search listings, our team develops personalized SEO services to drive traffic and improve the overall performance of your organization’s website.


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We offer the following services to our clients:

SEO Audit

Keyword Research

Strategy & Campaign Planning

Enhancement of Meta Tags

Website Speed Optimization

So, ask yourself St. Louis…

Is your website performing the way you want it to? Isn’t it time for your business to take advantage of SEO to enhance your brand?


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