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Event Planning Services

Although digital marketing has taken the world by storm, traditional facets like event planning still deserve full treatment. Events are an engaging, fun way to connect with your audience in an impactful way. In order for your event to be a hit, you will need to plan it and promote it. We can help with both. Cork Tree Creative designs, promotes, and nurtures events to take your soiree to the next level. Whether hosting a large gala or small open house, Cork Tree Creative can cater to the vision and innovation your business requires and be your go to corporate event planners. Whether you're in St. Louis or Edwardsville, we can help your company with corporate event planning.

Our Approach to Event Planning

Cork Tree Creative utilizes practices like developing online and offline awareness and maximizing the event itself. From open houses and ribbon cuttings to festivals and galas, Cork Tree Creative understands that each event has different conceptualizations. We can work with your business to meet the event’s requirements.

Expanding The Event’s Online Presence

Utilizing online platforms to advertise your event can bolster excitement and generate buzz prior to your event. Establishing an online presence means that potential invitees have landing pages for all the necessary information. Prior to an event, Cork Tree Creative collaborates with you to manage all your online and corporate design needs.

Our design and traditional marketing team can:

Creating Event Marketing Collateral

Offline design can invigorate event buzz leading up to your event, too. Although we are in the digital age, Cork Tree Creative realizes the importance of event collateral to maximize the promotion of your event. People become walking billboards for your event by diversifying your advertisement with swag.

Our experts are able to:
  • Create flyers, banners, and signage to boost the event’s public presence.
  • Design invitations to encourage people to come to the event.
  • Create logos and designs to place on swag, like t-shirts and water bottles.

Capturing Event Image and Video

Pack a marketing punch by investing in quality photography and videography. Custom footage of events captures memories and lends itself to a beautiful portfolio of professional, quality images and videos.

Our photography and videography team are able to:
  • Capture footage at the event to create lasting memories.
  • Utilize the footage on social media platforms or websites.

The Event Itself

Although planning an event is essential, the day is the main event! The occasion is worth celebrating, and no one wants to worry about the nitty-gritty anymore. Leave that headache to us!

Our professionals can:
  • Send out media alerts to the local media letting them know about the event to help secure coverage of the event.
  • Develop surveys to gather feedback from attendees after the event so you can begin planning for next year.


Ensure the success of your event with our professional event planning and marketing services. Company event planning can feel like a lot, but thats where we come in. Contact Cork Tree Creative today to find out more.

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