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Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing Services

Search engine marketing (SEM) is often confused with search engine optimization (SEO) because of their mutual relation to search engines. But these two beasts are quite different, despite their similar names. Search engine marketing is the overlord, or umbrella that encompasses SEO as well as paid ads or pay per click (PPC). Marketers develop strategic campaigns that integrate both SEO and PPC towards amplifying their business’ online presence and optimizing to search engines and target customers alike. In simpler terms, SEM is the behind the scenes work that allows your website to show up on search engines’ results pages.

Managed Search Engine Marketing Services

We’ve pioneered a number of successful SEM campaigns for a range of business clients. Let us help you get started on the right foot. We can save you the time and money that comes with learning all the subtle nuances of about search engine marketing.
The first step of every SEM campaign is to conduct thorough research on your target audience. How can you reach your customers if you don’t truly understand them? Once you’ve created customer personas and developed a deep understanding of what keywords they’re searching for to find businesses like yours, you’re ready to begin planning the rest of your search engine digital marketing campaign.

Tailored Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Business owners that decide to utilize a SEM campaign to increase visibility to their online presence have quite a few options to choose from. Let’s start with the SEO side.

Local SEO Services

This SEO tactic involves hunting out Google map listings and submitting your business information. You can boost visibility even further by finding other reputable sites that offer company directories and submitting yours to relevant industry directories. The Google submission is free, but some other listing sites may cost to submit. Regardless, this will enable customers to physically find and contact your business, if it exists in real life and not just online.

Online Marketing SEO Services

This type of SEO involves optimizing your website’s content and structure to attract traffic to your site naturally and without putting money behind it. This involves a range of tactics, including writing keyword rich content, inputting meta descriptions and alt tags, creating niche backlinks, maximizing site speed, etc. While we are primarily a Edwardsville and St. Louis based agency, we provide national strategies and services.

Pay-Per-Click Management Services

Google Search Ads

This is one of the most popular forms for PPC advertising and for good reason. It allows you to reach customers directly when they are searching for your products or services. When you search for something on the Internet, search ads are the results you see at the top of the search engine’s results page above the organic listings. They are text ads that link to a specific landing page on the advertiser’s website. The advertisers pay for each click the ad receives in an auction bidding system.

Display Advertising Services

These advertisements help you promote your business when people are browsing online. Display ads give advertisers the opportunity to engage with users through creative ads that showcase their products or services. How are they different than search ads? They are paid placements that appear across millions of third-party sites and social media networks. Display ads give your business the power to expand your reach beyond individuals who are already searching for your product or service. Advertisers bid for ad placements within the Display Network on a cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand impression basis.

Let Us Manage the Search Engine Marketing for Your Business

SEM involves a range of moving parts that need to be researched, planned, and tested before you’ll start seeing noticeable results. A deep understanding of SEO and PPC is key to maximizing desired web traffic to your business offerings. While PPC can be especially helpful for quick traffic boosts and lead generation, SEO helps with long term traffic and completing the bigger picture.
Let CORK TREE CREATIVE be the search engine marketing agency for you
Are you a business owner or marketing manager that is searching for qualified search engine marketing companies? Let Cork Tree Creative take the reins. We will do the leg work to help your business gain maximum exposure in search engine results.

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