Site Retargeting

What is site retargeting?

Site retargeting is a great way to keep your brand relevant in the minds of potential customers who have already visited your website. Why is this important? Even if your site has a great amount of traffic, there is one inevitable fact surrounding online shopping for goods and services: data shows that almost none of the online customers are going to make a purchase on their first visit. Most of us, initially, gather information and deliberate before making a decision.

That’s where your digital ads designed by Cork Tree Creative and site retargeting come in as a perfect marketing tactic. A given customer may not be ready to commit on this initial visit, but site retargeting allows your ads to follow that customer to other websites and social media channels using the unique IP address of his or her device or Wi-Fi network.

With the magic of site retargeting, ads will be served to your potential customers throughout the day: when checking baseball scores, looking for recipes, checking their Facebook feeds, or visiting common websites. Sure, they may be done researching your business for now, but site retargeting is a simple and effective way for your brand to stay visible when those same customers are ready to make a purchase.

Site retargeting often works best with other digital ad strategies like:

• Search retargeting
• Keyword contextual targeting

Bring those “just browsing” customers back with site retargeting!

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