Social media has moved past the simple life of emojis and memes and developed into a growing digital community. Trends and content seem to be never-ending and are grueling to keep up with as a business. To make your life easier, we have outlined some of 2022’s top social media trends that you should keep up with this year.

Social Media Basics

In 2021, we saw a shift in social media marketing reverting to what it was once known for – building connections. Throughout COVID, many social media platforms and businesses realized the importance of customers and building genuine relationships. Customers and users are the people that drive our businesses and services – they are frankly the only things keeping us afloat. This customer-focused movement reminds us of what good social media can create – authentic relationships.

More Realism

As we shift back to the original social media mindset, many creators and users have realized the need for authenticity, too. For many creators, “burnout” is real, as they feel they must be consistent and perfect. It is proven that social media is directly linked to mental health. It is scary to think that the universes we create on our tiny electronics could have such a significant impact on our lives. Creators and users alike have decided to enact a long-awaited shift in social media. In 2022, we can expect to see social media transforming into something that promotes positivity and realness. So, watch out social media – here comes more unedited snapshots and genuine moments.

Social Commerce

Over the past few years, we have meekly watched the social media channels we know and love transform before our eyes. Instagram forms a shopping page, social media shifts its focus to ads, and users can purchase a product in under a minute. Social media has made the entire purchasing process available to online users with features like product discovery, click-to-purchase, and post-purchase support, aka social commerce. Social commerce is the development of online media supporting and assisting online purchasing and selling of products and services. We have seen an explosion of social commerce that will continue to spout new information and methods in 2022.

Creators Galore

Everywhere in our online network, we see creators and influencers popping up more frequently. Social media developed this new occupation category that plays a significant role in the economy and brand awareness. Many platforms have invested in tools and marketplaces where creators can further promote their content. As social commerce expands, creators play a crucial role in promotion and engagement. Businesses and brands collaborate with these creators to turn them into marketing influencers. A social influencer wields great power when it comes to turning their loyal followers into customers.

Short-Form Videos

TikTok has created a boom in short videos that is here to stay. Our attention spans have become more limited as we take in a plethora of information daily. According to research, our attention span has shrunk from 12 seconds to 8.5 in only 15 years, mainly due to our digitalized lives. Social media platforms have noticed this trend and are capitalizing on it. TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are just some of the services that utilize short-form videos. Whether caught in an endless scroll of minute-long videos on TikTok or being bombarded by Instagram Reels, you are sure to have encountered these mini videos a time or two.

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Teaching Children Social Media

In today’s digital age, nearly everyone is on social media. Online communities are a fantastic tool for staying connected with family and colleagues, catching up on current events and networking with people from all over the world. However, there are people who do not use this tool for good. This can be scary for parents with children who use social media regularly. So how do you teach your child about appropriate social media behavior when you did not grow up with this tool as your child has?

Talking about internet usage with your children can be difficult. That's why it’s best to start early. Even if your child isn’t old enough to use online platforms or doesn’t currently show interest in it, they still most likely use the internet for various reasons. Children commonly learn about these sites from their friends or older siblings. So, as a parent, make the effort to start the conversation about this tool.

When your child shows interest in joining social media, be open-minded and ask questions. Ask why they want to join, what they hope to gain from social media usage and who they would talk to if an interaction or experience made them uncomfortable. By asking these questions, your child is able to formulate what a positive social media experience looks like, In turn, they also learn how to create a positive environment online. This conversation can also be a good segue into social media etiquette.

Online Network Etiquette

Enforcing social media etiquette is important for your child to positively contribute online and recognize red flag behavior. Receiving mean comments can destroy a child’s self-esteem. Similarly, you certainly don’t want your child to be the one writing those comments. Talking about proper etiquette and behavior can help your child recognize inappropriate behavior online.

Here are some simple do’s and don’ts to start the conversation about social media safety:

Social Platform Do's:

Social Platform Don'ts:

Lastly, it’s important to make your child aware of the dangerous side of the internet. Children are often susceptible to common scams like pop-up advertising. Quirky questionnaires and flashy game-like pop-ups are intriguing to children, but they are often ploys to gain personal information. If anything that seems odd pops up on the computer screen, advise your children to close the tab and not interact with it at all.

Children should also be aware that stranger danger applies online just as much as it does in real life. Teach your children that online, everyone is a stranger. On social media, it’s easy for anyone to pretend to be someone they aren’t and could send mean messages to your child, or worse. Having an open line of communication between you and your child, especially regarding internet and social media usage, is instrumental in your children reporting inappropriate behavior like this as soon as it happens. The internet and social media should be fun, so help your child get the most of this awesome tool accessible at their fingertips!

Now that you are more knowledgeable of your child’s social networking usage, think about your company’s profiles. Is it following proper protocol? Are you engaging with customers? Our team of social media specialists will develop dynamic, engaging content to get your followers interested in your products or services. Contact us today at 618-656-7333! Or, learn more here