If you’ve been on any social media platforms lately (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), you’ve likely been exposed to a TikTok video or two. Since it was created, the up-and-coming video app has increased in popularity. As of  May 2020 it has secured over 112 million downloads and over 800 million monthly active users. From dance challenges, DIY hacks, fashion try-ons and more, the platform captured the attention of viewers both young and old. As a result, it has lead some to ask: “Can we use TikTok for businesses?” The answer: Absolutely!

Get to Know the Basics Of TikTok

For those unfamiliar with the newest social media platform, TikTok got its start as Musical.ly back in 2014. Then, it was mostly used by teens and young adults to create lip-syncing videos to popular songs. After its merge with TikTok in 2018, the app faced pushback from users before spiking to fame in early 2020.

Part of TikTok’s appeal comes from its easy-to-use design. Users create and view short videos. These videos can be pulled from other platforms or shot using the app’s various filters and features. Once created, users then have the ability to add captions and hashtags before sharing it to their profile and across other popular social media websites.

Unlike other social media platforms, users and videos have the opportunity to go viral, regardless of how many followers they have. And, unlike Vine, which disbanded back in 2017, TikTok allows its users to leverage their creativity to appeal to a variety of industries, talents and audiences.

Why Businesses Should Consider Using TikTok

Although it was intended to target Generation Z, the past few months of #Quarantine and #StayatHomeOrders have introduced the platform to all ages. Now, users range anywhere between the 13 and 30. The app is also available for download in over 150 countries, making it easier than ever to reach people across the globe.

As a result of its diverse audience, TikTok can provide great opportunities for brands to engage with their audiences, promote products and even gain popularity among followers.

Utilizing TikTok For Businesses and Their Marketing Strategies

There are several ways your business can utilize TikTok. Regardless of how you choose to use that app, the most important thing to keep in mind is your audience. Any content or advertising you do needs to target and appeal to the app’s users. If not, then you may want to consider other marketing or advertising strategies.

Create and Upload Your Own Content

With its unique in-app features, you can create, upload and share your business’s original content. Videos can highlight new products or services, showcase employees or explore popular trends. Looking to have a little fun? Consider participating in one of the platform’s many hashtag challenges. The more creative or original you can be, the more likely you are to attract viewers and potential new customers.

Utilize influencers

Influencer marketing is on the rise. What sets these individuals apart from the rest of the population is their large social media presence, often accumulating thousands or even millions of followers, giving brands the perfect opportunity to utilize their audience. Companies partner with creators for a chance to showcase products or services in their videos. However, if you’re looking to partner with an influencer, it’s important to make sure their interests and values directly align with your brand’s.

Pay to advertise

Like other platforms, you can pay to advertise your business, products and services through the video app. These advertisements come in the form of in-feed ads, brand takeover ads, hashtag challenge ads or branded TikTok stickers. While these may be a bit more costly than other strategies, they ensure your target audience has direct access to you, your website and your products.

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