Targeted Digital Advertising for Student Recruitment

What is targeted digital advertising?

Targeted digital advertising allows us to use data that captures a person’s online behaviors to indicate their interest in a product or service, and then serve ads to people based on their interest. This means that we can get very specific and intentional with who we serve your ads to, ensuring that we only serve impressions to people who are in your target audience. Couple that with location and demographic data, we can help you reach your exact target audience.



Show your ads to people who are searching for schools.


Put your ads in front of people who have previously visited your website.


Reach people within your target ZIP codes or within a certain radius of your school.


Serve your ads to people who visit a specific event or location, for up to 30 days after they’ve left that location.

Why use targeted digital advertising?

Digital advertising is the single most effective way to generate leads from prospective families, according to the Charter School Growth Fund*.
*Student Enrollment Playbook – Generating Leads (2018)

It’s more cost-effective than other mass media like billboards or radio ads, which waste impressions on people who aren’t in your target audience.

It reduces the number of man-hours needed in the recruitment process. You can instantly share information with hundreds of families within your target ZIP codes, without the need for canvassing or knocking on doors.

It’s easy for families to get information about your school. Ads are served on desktop and mobile devices, where the average person spends over 5 hours each day.

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