Destiny Bezrutczyk

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Destiny Bezrutczyk

Digital Content Writer

Destiny Bezrutczyk is a digital content writer with six years’ experience editing and writing targeted, long- and short-form content for the web and social media. Her work covers topics such as personal injury and wrongful death law, cancer care and medical research, and addiction and the mental healthcare industry. Destiny holds a Bachelors’ degree in English Language and Literature from Texas Tech University.

She has a proven track record of content strategy, including writing SEO content that ranks on the first page of Google search results. She has the ability to quickly become a subject matter expert in a range of fields, including science, technology, business, and communication. Subsequently, her writing consistently communicates complex ideas as readable, informative content.

Bucket List

  • Appear in the background of a Marvel movie
  • Taste every type of curry
  • Own a self-driving car
  • Live near a beach
  • Tell Lin Manuel Miranda, “Thank you”