Jen Verta

Digital Content Writer

Jen Verta is a digital content writer with over six years of professional writing, editing, SEO, and marketing experience. She’s developed content in long and short form in both creative and technical formats. Verta’s main goal? To create engaging, unique, and digestible content that will turn the client’s budding ideas into reality.

Jen Verta

So far, Verta has written about a number of articles. These include public health, SEO, business development, human resources, technology, communication, e-commerce, vacation, tourism, nature, botany, and real estate. Not only can Verta efficiently research and learn about a range of subjects, but she can fit right in with industry experts. When Verta isn’t cranking the gears away at work, she can be found snowboarding, hanging out with friends, or playing with her beloved pup, Fred.


Among her accomplishments are: 

  • Wrote and edited for University of Colorado blog while attending college there.
  • Edited book that was published and sold on multiple outlets.
  • Ghost wrote multiple articles for a client that were published on Forbes Magazine.
  • Successfully managed a team of over 100 affiliates. This included affiliate recruitment, weekly communication, editing content they made to sell company products, developing and writing sales funnels for them to use, and creatively incentivizing them in order to boost sales. This resulted in increased profits by 75% from the year before.

Jen’s Bucket List

  • Explore all seven continents
  • Learn to surf in Portugal
  • Handplant off halfpipe while on a snowboard
  • Skydive over Victoria Falls in South Africa

105 Plaza Ct, Edwardsville, IL 62025