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Meet Jessi Conoyer

Website Development Manager

Jessi Conoyer is the lead Web Developer for Cork Tree Creative. Her experience in website development and content management systems spans over 10 years while her experience in graphic design began 18 years ago. Her extensive experience and background in graphic design allows her to bridge the gap between design and development to create visually-appealing and highly functional websites. Since obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications with an emphasis in Web Design in 2009, she has designed, developed, and maintained over a hundred websites.


A Little More About Me...

When I'm not at Cork Tree you can find me...

Running, camping, spending time with family.

One thing I can't live without:

My family

My favorite quote:

“This too shall pass”

Best advice I’ve received:

Take time to get to know yourself.

Something that ALWAYS makes me laugh:

My kids. The stuff that comes out of their mouths at times is pretty funny.

The season that gives me all the feels:

Fall! Leaves changing, crisp, cool air, bonfires and wearing hoodies.

Best musical artist of all time:

Post Malone

What’s inspiring me in life right now?

The outdoors and disconnecting from technology every once in awhile.

My go-to comfort food:

Pizza and chocolate