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Traditional Marketing

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Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing and digital marketing are both essential to a business’s goal of reaching its audience. However, the differences between the two can seem a little confusing. Let’s talk through them.

Digital marketing involves nitty gritty subjects like digital ads, email marketing, and search engine optimization. Digital marketing can pinpoint your business’s target audience with ease and even match customers directly to your business with a simple click. On the other hand, traditional marketing tactics are something you might see at your healthcare office or in the comfort of your own home. Traditional marketing services can positively impact a business’s direct community. Hosting an event? Want to put an advertisement on a billboard? These are both facets of traditional marketing that the locals observe.

Traditional marketing is like the cooler, older sibling to digital marketing. Both can do great things on their own, but when working together you get the benefits of the old and new to truly elevate and enhance your overall brand.

Is Traditional Marketing Dead? 

No way, honey! We get why you may think that – digital marketing is the latest and greatest. But traditional marketing is still a critical piece to the comprehensive marketing puzzle. The types of traditional marketing services we provide our clients consist of:
Most of these services are common knowledge as you might have a fun t-shirt from an event or hear a radio advertisement for your favorite local restaurant. But the terms traditional marketing consulting and strategy planning services might seem a bit more complex. These two facets include establishing a brand development strategy for your business. In other words, at Cork Tree Creative, we determine what services work best for your business and then we carry out the brand development processes for you!

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

The Cork Tree team loves traditional marketing for many reasons but here are some of our favorite things about traditional marketing:
  • Connect with the locals
  • Reach a diverse crowd
  • Harder to ignore
  • Less risk for your business
  • Builds credibility
  • Proven success
  • Tangible
  • Familiar
Do these words sound like music to your ears, too? Branding agency services can help you accomplish all this and more! Cork Tree Creative can create and implement a traditional marketing campaign for your business from start to finish.

Traditional Marketing Consulting Services

Unsure which traditional marketing services are right for your business? Cork Tree Creative is a digital and traditional marketing agency with offices in Edwardsville, Ill. and St. Louis, Mo. that can fulfill all your needs. We can work with you to determine the perfect strategy for your business, no matter the size or industry.

Are you in? Reach out to us to begin your traditional marketing journey.