Why Search Retargeting Works Like Magic

Today, more and more people spend time online searching for services and things they need. Have you ever started searching for “camping equipment” on your computer and then hours later, notice that tents, lawn chairs and sleeping bag ads for the local camping store are starting to “pop-up” during your other website and e-mail activities? That’s the power of search retargeting. 

 How it works

Cork Tree Creative verifies the best keywords for your business and then digital advertisements are created with those keywords in mind. We are able to distinguish which words are searched the most often for every product and service, turning those search terms into profit for you. As people search for things they want and need, search retargeting remembers and targets those same website shoppers with custom ads.

Why it’s effective

Newspaper advertisements were seen by everyone, people that may or may not be interested in your goods or services. With digital advertising, the ads are being seen by the same people that were just online looking for that new car, lower insurance rate or brand-new bike.

Search retargeting is not really magic – it’s simply a way to target your online customers in a smart, effective way.   Plus, there are no “smoke and mirror tactics” being used because we provide our clients with all of the reporting that shows where the campaign is working best (and even where improvements may need to be made).

Need a little more magic in your life? Then it’s probably time to invest in a digital marketing campaign for your business.

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