Jan Carpenter

Principal & Creative Director

About Me:

There isn’t much I can’t do, well except maybe math. I love spending time with my kids -Bailey and Tyler - and support them as they light up the fields in soccer, cross country and baseball. We have a great family and 15 acres in Marine that we consider our little slice of heaven. Married for 25 years, my husband Mark and I are both die-hard Cardinals fans and love to travel and show our kids the world.

I like to have a good time with friends, enjoy great food and wine and find that I’m happiest sitting on my deck with my husband, watching the horses and sharing a nightcap. I am a serious entrepreneur and although I have probably bought every get-rich-quick scheme on the market I am not afraid of hard work. I hope to someday strike it big so I can retire with my husband and provide a cush life for my family, but if the golden ticket doesn't land in my lap I think I'll be very happy building this business and working with people I really enjoy.

My Job:

I first stepped in the limelight as a barrel racer at the age of 5. Since then, I have taken that cowgirl “I can do anything” mentality and applied it to running my own business.

I first got bitten by the creative bug at the age of 19 when a motivational speaker dropped a Mac in my lap and taught me the skills to create some pretty amazing presentations. I took those skills to the next level, learned print processing and later became art director for St. Louis Homes and Lifestyle Magazine. Today, I love being at the head of a growing creative firm and enjoy every minute I spend on my Mac “making stuff pretty.”

Examples of my work:

Juneau Associates (Edwardsville, Illinois – Madison County)

Carpenter has a long history providing marketing and graphic design support to the engineering company. Over the years Carpenter and the Cork Tree Creative team have assisted in the design and development of the company’s brand, developed the company’s website (http://www.jaipc.com), profiled more than 50 of the firm’s projects, designed a corporate brochure and more. Juneau continues to be an ongoing client for us and hopefully will be for years to come.

Joe’s Market Basket (Edwardsville, Illinois – Madison County)

Joe’s Market Basket looked for a new approach to their marketing program and chose Cork Tree Creative to guide their advertising, website and point of sale marketing needs. Under Carpenter’s direction, our team worked with Market Basket to secure print advertising placements in local newspapers using a series of ads designed to provide a consistent message and brand. We also helped them in the development of a new website, integrating social networking into the site and giving them a more current web presence. Market Basket also turns to us to assist in the development of point of sale items such as sales posters, cart corral signage and more.

Spencer Homes (Edwardsville, Illinois – Madison County)

Spencer Homes is a long time, ongoing client of Carpenter’s and Cork Tree Creative’s. Our team started working with Spencer Homes in 2008 to establish a company brand and develop a website and corporate capabilities brochure. After a few years of stagnant home sales, the company revived its marketing efforts in 2012 and returned to us for an updated design to the company website, social networking assistance, signage and ongoing graphic design support. Spencer Homes is among the up and coming custom home builders in Edwardsville and Glen Carbon and a leader in marketing their homes and services.

Pearl Sparkling Wine (Piera Martellozzo Winery of San Quarino, Italy)

The winery received grant funding from the Italian government to promote their wines and the winery within the United States and chose Carpenter and to lead design efforts and plan and implement a Midwestern ad campaign highlighting four of their sparkling wines. Carpenter and the team developed a comprehensive campaign starting with custom photography of each bottle, group photos of the bottles and specialized photos to be used to target brides. We developed a series of print ads, printed marketing materials for distribution at trade shows and trade show displays.

Chemtron (St. Charles, Missouri – St. Charles County)

Chemtron is the largest, regional water treatment provider in the Midwest. They turned to Carpenter for a new brand, corporate brochure, website and trade show materials. While these projects have all been completed, they continue to turn to us for supplemental marketing services, as needed, such product brochures in need of updates.

Truman Mortgage Company (Clayton, Missouri – St. Louis County)

Truman Mortgage was in need of sales materials to target prospective homebuyers and those looking to refinance. The company had only produced in-house marketing materials up until they began working with Cork Tree Creative on a comprehensive marketing package. Carpenter assisted Truman Mortgage in developing a corporate identity brochure, sales flyers, presentation folders and complementing print advertisements.

The Alliance of Edwardsville/Glen Carbon (Edwardsville, Illinois – Madison County)

In 2009, TheALLIANCE of Edwardsville/Glen Carbon contracted with Cork Tree Creative to assist the organization in a marketing campaign to promote the two-community area nationally as a great location to work and raise a family. Carpenter and the Cork Tree team provided stakeholder interviews to determine opinions about what aspects of the community are most marketable; a new brand; messaging; sample print ads; copywriting, design and development of a new website, and ongoing marketing consulting.

City of Collinsville (Collinsville, Illinois – Madison County)

In 2010, Carpenter worked with the City of Collinsville’s Uptown Collinsville department to produce a 48-page brochure capturing the details of an uptown Collinsville walking tour. Included in the brochure were prominent historic and retail stops along the trail, city landmarks such as the ketchup bottle, uptown’s best restaurants and favorite drinking holes. Once the brochure was produced and distributed, the City turned to us for an additional project of developing walking tour signage that would capture some of the same highlights along the tour as well as a dog park sign and city parking signs, all carrying along the same theme as the walking tour brochure.

City of Collinsville, Economic Development Department (Collinsville, Illinois – Madison County)

Carpenter and the Cork Tree team recently completed a comprehensive marketing program for the City of Collinsville’s economic development department. Carpenter led the team in developing a new brand, department website and a variety of marketing materials like presentation folders, letterhead, business cards, print ads and more. The department now has all the necessary materials needed to market Collinsville to the rest of the country as a “destination” to relocate or expand a business. Carpenter’s experience and direction, led to the creation of a cohesive program showing consistency in messaging and the use of the brand.

Jan's Bucket List

  • Go on an African Safari
  • Own AND drive a '65 Convertible Mustang
  • Touring Europe would be good
  • Pick a stock on the ground floor (Apple comes to mind)
  • Have Grandkids
  • Learn Mandarin