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Public Relations Agency Services

In today’s vast digital landscape, the public relations industry has majorly evolved, and the term PR has taken on a whole new meaning. Luckily for our clients throughout the St. Louis Metro East region, Cork Tree Creative has changed with the times. Through our suite of public relations services, we are able to share our clients’ stories across the board (both online and offline) and connect with their audiences in ways that truly resonate.

Public Relations is More Than Press Releases

Our PR expertise goes beyond simply writing press releases. Don’t get us wrong, press releases are still incredibly important in telling your company’s news. However, we take it a step further to build our clients’ brands, establish them as leaders in the industry and enable them to clearly communicate with their communities. Our PR marketing pros will hit the ground running to show off your business with the following services:

What PR Can Do for Your Business

Many people think the primary goal of public relations is to gain publicity, but here at Cork Tree Creative, we believe it is more than that. Public relations is about establishing and differentiating your company in the marketplace through authentic, emotional storytelling. It gives your company the power to not only create credibility and trust with current customers, but also to cast a wider net and reach new customers and potential investors.

Incorporate Public Relations Into Your Marketing Strategy

Our team of experienced Edwardsville and St. Louis-based public relations experts will work with you regardless of your location, to develop a public relations campaign that shines a light on all of the awesome work your company and its people are doing. From strategic planning to messaging and pitching, we do it all and we do it in a way that gets you seen and heard.

Some of our past PR campaigns have helped clients:
  • Gain public support for a public works project.
  • Inform the public of ways to support local institutions in need of community support.
  • Change opinions within the community about a particular company, their operations and future plans.
  • Inform the public and encourage them to change behaviors to influence a commonly-desired outcome.


An effective PR strategy could be the missing puzzle piece to taking your company’s traditional marketing efforts to the next level. By working with a boutique public relations firm, your company will see firsthand how public relations can fuel your St. Louis business expansion needs.