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The Cork Tree Creative Experience: An Intern’s Perspective

By Amanda Junger

As a senior mass communications major at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, I am required to complete an internship with a company in the greater St. Louis area. I spent upwards of six months refining my online portfolio and resume to prepare for the application process, anxious about this new step in my educational career. When I was offered an internship position with Cork Tree Creative, the wave of relief was shortly replaced by a knot in my stomach. I had no idea what to expect.

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We've Moved...and Here's the Scoop!

Big things have been happening here at Cork Tree Creative! We are excited to announce our recent move to a new office space. Our larger, more accessible space is only a few steps away from our previous location in downtown Edwardsville, Ill. Staying in the Edwardsville area was important to co-owners Jan Carpenter and Laura Reed.

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2017: A Focus on Today's PR Team

By Nicole Dicks

A writer for Forbes recently wrote, “The public relations industry does a terrible job of public relations.” He went on to say, unless you’re in the industry “very few people can explain what people in public relations really do.” Typically, PR professionals don’t buy advertising, don’t create commercial jingles, and don’t work the kiosks at the local outlet mall.

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Grow Your Business...and Have Fun Doing It!

By Jaci Rothe

In our busy technology-driven world, we often forget the importance of face-to-face interaction and stepping away from your desk to develop relationships with others in your workplace and the business community. With summertime right around the corner, it is time to step out of the office and take advantage of this beautiful Southern Illinois weather. Who says your workweek has to be all work and no play? This summer season, set aside time on your calendar to grow your business, promote staff morale and give back to the community all while having fun!

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The Business Behind a Good Business Card

In today’s digitally driven, social media savvy society, stepping out from behind your computer screen and meeting with someone face-to-face can leave a lasting impression. How can you ensure that this first impression is a positive one and that is lasts? It’s simple: through a well-designed business card! Think of your business card as a springboard to new connections and business opportunities. Following these design tips will allow you to have a business card that stands out from the rest and helps you and your brand be remembered in a positive, professional light.

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How Social is Your Company?

In 2017, there is no doubt social media will continue to once again be a crucial part of any business’ marketing and public relations strategies. It’s important for companies to have a strong social media presence, however; customers will not interact with a brand that’s filling up their timelines constantly with new products or services. Social media should also be fun, entertaining, and a way to share information.

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