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The Business Behind a Good Business Card

In today’s digitally driven, social media savvy society, stepping out from behind your computer screen and meeting with someone face-to-face can leave a lasting impression. How can you ensure that this first impression is a positive one and that is lasts? It’s simple: through a well-designed business card! Think of your business card as a springboard to new connections and business opportunities. Following these design tips will allow you to have a business card that stands out from the rest and helps you and your brand be remembered in a positive, professional light.

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How Social is Your Company?

In 2017, there is no doubt social media will continue to once again be a crucial part of any business’ marketing and public relations strategies. It’s important for companies to have a strong social media presence, however; customers will not interact with a brand that’s filling up their timelines constantly with new products or services. Social media should also be fun, entertaining, and a way to share information.

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Professional Photo Shoot Tips

Do you remember playing with your parent’s camera as a child, taking photos of everything from your family dog to your favorite pair of sneakers? Well, with the impact of social media, it seems the need to capture every moment hasn’t changed much! Today, everyone thinks they can be a professional photographer. The truth is, capturing a perfect photo with the right lighting, backdrop and imagery can be quite challenging.

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Blogging Benefits for Your Business

By Jaci Rothe

More often than not, business owners question the importance of blogging and if it is really essential for their business’s success. “Do people really read blogs anymore?” “Is it really worth my time?” “What do I even write about?” These are questions we are frequently asked by our clients when discussing the start of a blog for their business. Running a business encompasses a multitude of responsibilities, and a majority of business owners simply do not have the time or skills to regularly write high quality content for a blog. That’s where Cork Tree Creative can help! Before ruling out a blog for your business’s website, read a few of the endless marketing benefits of blogging:

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Do it. And Do it Well!

As a business owner or marketing exec, you’ve already created a strategic marketing plan for the New Year. You’ve researched future growth opportunities for your organization and spent countless hours discussing processes, programs and pilgrimages that could have been more successful in 2016. What went wrong? What could have we done differently? Looking to the future, how do we make our product or services better, bigger and more impactful for 2017?

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