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Does Pinterest Marketing Make Sense for Your Business?

February 3, 2015

Pinterest Business Marketing Services

Not long ago, when someone asked if you pinned it, you probably thought it was a reference to wrestling. Today, Pinterest has become a popular social media site where users can find great ideas. Anything from recipes, to home decor, DIY projects, and more. What does this mean for business owners wanting to expand their “social media marketing” horizon? It means Pinterest could be a powerful tool for your business.

Why Pinterest?

First, it’s important to explain that Pinterest is more about “things” than other social networks popular today. In the study, the top keywords used are “DIY” and the symbol for heart (<3), along with “use, look, want, and need”. What this means is that Pinterest is about sharing your likes and dislikes. It is more about feeling than thinking. Twitter and Facebook users are generally having to “think” about content to post, but with Pinterest, it is quite the opposite. Users are “not prompted to think at all, they are prompted to feel” with the images they see and pin.

Advantages of Pinterest

For industries that include do-it-yourself, crafts, hair and beauty, as well as designers, this may be a social media dream come true. The article goes on to highlight proper photo techniques that work best. Additionally, you learn why some images are pinned more successfully over others and demographics of Pinterest users. One statistic states that “customers spend more money when they convert from a Pinterest referral than any other social network.” Facebook comes in a close second.

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