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The Structure of a Digital Marketing Agency

June 17, 2022

So, you’ve finally taken a look in the mirror and realized it’s time. Time to consider search engine marketing and give your website the innovative update it deserves. Even if you’re a startup with no website at all, you’re clearly executing proper due diligence and researching about marketing agencies and how they could possibly help your business idea thrive. While there are many smaller agencies out there that provide parts of what’s needed, you may need a full-service marketing firm that’s stocked up with offerings in a “one-stop-shop” type fashion. Learn about the structure of a digital marketing agency to determine if it is a good choice for building your business.

The Roles and Levels of Service at an Agency

There are two main parts to a well-oiled marketing agency machine, and both need each other to function best. These parts encompass specialties in business operations and creative strategy.

1. Operations for digital marketing agency

People who fill these roles will plan and manage internal and external business operations. You have to take care of your own house before you can help others, right?

Internal Agency Operations

Internal operations make sure the firm itself is always running efficiently. Therefore, this division must consist of extremely organized and trustworthy individuals who excel at time management and enforcement. This can include a range of positions from the chief marketing officer, to financial and project managers, to IT and accounting. People who fill these roles wear many hats and may also help with other projects across the company.

External Agency Operations

Client-facing positions will make sure the firm takes care of accounts in a timely, effective manner. These roles can involve business development and planning, sales, account and client managers, and supervisors. Typically, people in these positions are the liaisons between the marketing agency and the client. They ensure business, project, and deadline goals are met and executed on both the client and agency side and offer support when needed. Naturally, these people must be friendly and easygoing, but extremely organized, diligent, and dependable.

2. Strategy for digital marketing agency

Those who handle creative strategy aim to advance the client’s projects according to established goals. This consists of teams in the creative, media, and technology departments. While external operations teams attain and manage customers and ensure their campaigns run smoothly, strategy is the campaign. This can encompass a range of roles throughout the department. Managers of creative strategy must also be analytical and critical thinkers that monitor the metrics of projects and ensure they’re efficiently sending the right message. Also, they come up with campaign ideas and coordinate with client operations, create content calendars, and assign projects to the rest of the team.

Creative Services Department

Creatives involve a range of roles. For example, the creative team can include writers, editors, social media managers and graphic designers. They make projects appealing while ensuring they are both relevant and effective. They usually submit their work to managers for review, who in turn, pass completed work on to client account managers.

Media Focused Marketing

Media-focused teams handle the visibility of marketing campaigns. This can encompass UI / UX design, website development, graphic design, videography, photography, as well as ad and media creation. They also work in TV, radio, broadcast, billboards, magazines, and digital transitions. Employees must be well-versed in evolving media trends and understand how they affect the client’s business.

Technology Agency Management

While strategic managers monitor and report campaign metrics, the technology team puts them in place and ensures all related tracking applications are integrated seamlessly throughout all platforms. They place email and ad campaigns, buy ad space, integrate platforms and systems, and facilitate appropriate marketing automation and software implementation. People who fill these roles must have a love for technology and analytics, with a creative and strategic eye for how best to utilize them across different campaigns.

If you have a big idea that needs the tender love and care only a full-service marketing agency can offer, you’ve come to the right place. Cork Tree Creative has multiple specialized capabilities you can pick and choose from to help your business hit the ground running, right from the start.