Cork Tree Cares

Giving Back To The Community

In response to the unique challenges our local community has faced over the course of the past few years, Cork Tree Creative has launched the Cork Tree Cares campaign. This initiative was inspired by our desire to give back and help those who were most affected by the pandemic.

While current circumstances served as our motive, our vision is that we will be able to provide relief and assistance to those in need for years to come. The Cork Tree team has been participating in community service outings at various local businesses and organizations. Additionally, each team member has had the opportunity to select their own organization to serve throughout the year whether that be through volunteering or providing marketing support.

Our Initiatives

Metro East Literacy Project

As part of its Cork Tree Cares program, the Cork Tree Creative team joined the Metro East Literacy Project at the Clyde C. Jordan Senior Center in East St. Louis to read stories to seniors about what it means to be a grandparent in a celebration of Grandparents Day.
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Two young women reading to seniors

Family Hospice Blankets

The first Cork Tree Cares initiative was making fleece tie blankets for Linus Blankets. This organization has donated over 70,000 blankets to a variety of organizations, helping those in need. Linus Blankets will be distributing our blankets to Family Hospice.
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Blanket pile with Jaci and Amanda for Corktree Cares

Touchette Bicycle Food Mission

Our donation provided 1.1k meals that week, including 800 burritos and 500 sandwiches. Our team also provides marketing support to Touchette Bicycle Food Mission, helping promote the amazing work they do.
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Three young girls wearing masks in Sams grocery store with two carts full of food to donate