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Cork Tree Creative Becomes Only StoryBrand-Certified Marketing Agency in Metro St. Louis Region

July 9, 2024
StoryBrand Agency Certification Logo

Cork Tree Creative is proud to announce its recent certification as a StoryBrand-certified marketing agency. This prestigious recognition positions Cork Tree Creative at the forefront of marketing agencies dedicated to helping businesses clarify their messaging and connect more effectively with their target audiences.

The StoryBrand framework, created by renowned author and marketing expert Donald Miller, is a proven method for helping businesses craft clear, compelling, and customer-centric messages. By becoming StoryBrand-certified, Cork Tree Creative joins an elite group of agencies that have mastered this transformative approach to communication.

"We are thrilled to bring the StoryBrand framework to the Metro St. Louis region," said Laura Reed, co-owner of Cork Tree Creative. "Our team is passionate about helping businesses succeed, and this certification allows us to offer an even higher level of marketing services to our clients.”

In today’s competitive marketplace, clear and effective communication is more critical than ever. Many businesses struggle to articulate their value propositions in a way that resonates with their audience, leading to missed opportunities and stagnant growth. With the StoryBrand certification, Cork Tree Creative is uniquely equipped to address this challenge.

“We work directly with chief marketing officers to help them elevate their marketing program by serving as an extension of their team,” added Jan Carpenter, co-owner of Cork Tree Creative. "By clarifying their messaging, they can enhance their results, achieve marketing objectives, and leave a lasting impact on leadership.”

Local businesses in the Metro St. Louis region can now leverage Cork Tree Creative's expertise to clarify their messaging, connect with customers, and improve marketing effectiveness. For more information about Cork Tree Creative, visit To speak to a StoryBrand certified guide to learn more about StoryBrand and how it can help your business grow, get in touch with our team.