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What is a marketing consultant?

Generally speaking, a marketing consultant is a professional who will review your existing marketing strategy and provide feedback or develop a whole new strategy to help make your company or brand flourish. These pros have experience in building marketing strategies for companies large and small and in various different industries. They can develop a strategic plan, implement all aspects of the plan and track its progress, making suggestions along the way on how to continually improve different aspects of the campaign.

When is it time to look for a marketing consultant?

Let’s say your business is thriving but you know there are more leads out there. You may either be managing the marketing on your own, working with a freelancer or have your own marketing department but you just can’t get to the next level with your business. Hiring a marketing consultant is the first step in getting over the hump in business development. They will look at your business from an outsider’s perspective and give you a generalized assessment of what marketing tactics you have implemented in the past, help weed out what didn’t work and make suggestions on how to improve successful campaigns by adding in tactics that might work better.

In the simplest of scenarios, marketing consulting firms offer tactic-specific consulting services where they will step in and work alongside the marketing professional of the client to enhance or tweak a campaign for better performance. These “project”-type scenarios are usually billed by the hour, similar to seeking out advice from an attorney.

Maybe you need to up your digital marketing game?

Most marketing companies offer some level of marketing consulting but finding the right fit may take some research. If you have relied more heavily on traditional media and marketing tactics like print advertising, billboards, radio/TV and earned media, a digital marketing consultant will help you bridge the gap between the traditional methods and the more modern digital tactics available to get you to a marketing mix that generates more leads. It’s not to say that traditional methods don’t work or shouldn’t be utilized but there are other digital advertising methods available to help supplement your other tactics.

How to develop a strategic communications plan.

For a more in-depth strategic relationship, a marketing consulting company will work with you from the beginning of the strategic planning process and help you identify your company’s key differentiators in the market. The strategic planning process begins with gathering input from customers and employees to help you better define your company’s identity. From there, a strategic planning professional will work you through the strategic planning process by:
  1. Performing a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, objectives and threats) Analysis
  2. Developing a strategy that involves identifying your mission, vision and values; long term goals; and competitive advantages.
  3. Building a plan that includes key performance indicators so it’s success can be tracked, creating department goals so that successes can be celebrated at every level, set short term goals and a budget.
  4. Finally, implementing the plan and measuring its success is the last step in the process. It is impossible to celebrate wins without setting goals, tracking performance and conducting reporting.
In short, a strategic plan is essentially a way for your company to sharpen its focus by setting goals, measuring successes and implementing new tactics that will lead to greater success in your industry. It will also help you as a thought leader in your company, get your other leadership team members on the same page, shorten approval times of projects, and make for better internal communications. As a thought leader, you probably have some really good ideas in your head and most likely the other leaders within your organization do too. Why not get it all down on paper so you can share in what you HOPE is the future of the company?

Bottom line, all successful businesses have some level of strategic planning. They understand what the objective is, how to reach it and are able to see their potential when they reach the milestones they have set forth. Do you need a strategic plan? The answer is, likely so, if you want to build a thriving business and feel like you had some part in its success.


Are you ready to take full advantage and control of your company’s marketing efforts with a strategic marketing plan? Our team of marketing strategists can create a comprehensive plan customized to your unique business objectives and goals. We won’t stop there. We have the manpower to fully implement your plan in-house and to track and report on its success. Contact us today to schedule a marketing consultation.