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Meet Jan Carpenter


Jan R. Carpenter, a founding partner in Cork Tree Creative, Inc., has more than 25 years of experience in graphic design, web development and content management, search engine optimization, digital marketing and strategic planning. As lead of the creative department of Cork Tree Creative, Jan has led marketing programs for clients throughout the country, providing brand development and management, strategic counsel and tactical skills for companies such as Altran Magnetics, Basler Electric, Green Investment Group, Archford Capital Strategies and more.

She is respected in the industry as a leader in her field and among clients for delivering quality design, efficiently and within budget. She has developed brands for clients receiving national exposure and provided strategic counsel to businesses with specific goals to grow their business or gain exposure in a very specific way. Jan’s management skills extend to managing the core business aspects of Cork Tree Creative as it relates to contract procurement, finance and human relations. Her customer service skills are aimed at keeping clients informed, providing statistical data to refocus marketing efforts when needed and providing ongoing strategic guidance to ensure the most effective delivery of services.