Laura Reed

Chief Marketing Officer

Laura Reed is one of the founding partners of Cork Tree Creative, an established full-service marketing firm serving the St. Louis region. With 20 years experience in the field of public relations and marketing, Reed provides strategic counsel and delivery of dynamic marketing programs for public and private organizations throughout the country. Reed’s core strengths are developing public relations strategies for business and community initiatives. In addition to providing PR counsel for managing a client’s image and messaging with print and broadcast media, Reed also understands the role of social media in today’s reporting tactics. Well versed in the social mediums, Reed provides strategic, comprehensive communications programs that encompass all media, having the ability to target specific demographics with segmented messaging. Understanding that today’s public relations efforts are much more digitally focused than ever before, Reed leads a team of seasoned website content managers and social media engagement specialists who can deliver a comprehensive approach to communications in the St. Louis market.

Reed focuses her efforts on team building and staff development as well as building the Cork Tree Creative roster of clients alongside her business partner, Jan.

Among her accomplishments are:

  • Served as media outreach and community outreach coordinator for a national investment group as they worked within local communities to redevelop defunct paper mills into renewable energy developments. This included strategic communications in partnership with the EPA rulings, organizing media tours, managing public awareness campaigns in the cities where properties were located in both the U.S. and Canada, developing relevant communications tools for both English and French speaking constituents and working with local public officials to disseminate information.
  • Guided the messaging surrounding the development of multi-purpose, mixed-use development in the core of one of St. Louis’ most historic downtown districts. This included developing messaging, communications tools, marketing materials, talking points and presentations to keep public perceptions positive about the addition of a multi-family housing facility in their historic downtown area.
  • Organized a successful community outreach initiative to aid in the preservation and enhancement of Scott Air Force Base leading up to the 2005 round of base closures. Included development of a documentary with KETC-TV about the base and an extensive PR effort aimed at area residents, elected officials in both Ill. and Mo. Also helped in the development of an economic impact study to determine the base’s impact on the STL region.
  • Organized a public image campaign for a regional economic development organization in support of the United States’ steel industry, which attracted thousands of people and garnered national headlines.
  • Serves as ground level communications support for both PR and social media in STL for a national coffee and donut brand, developing St. Louis specific community programs to include outreach to local police departments for partnerships and coordinating contracts with local partners such as the St. Louis Blues, St. Louis Cardinals and 105.7 The Point.
  • Continuously oversees and guides the branding and marketing voice for one of the nation’s largest filer of asbestos litigation.
  • Provided marketing and PR counsel for the rebrand and messaging for a healthcare organization with 30+ health centers and an orthopedic group throughout St. Louis and Kansas City.


    Laura’s Bucket List

    • Visit Costa Rica, Hawaii and Paris.
    • Karaoke. And then Karaoke again.
    • Watch my daughter become a tennis star.
    • Have a campfire on the beach.
    • Retire to Zihuatanejo.

    105 Plaza Ct, Edwardsville, IL 62025