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Google Ads and the Importance of an Experienced Google Ads Agency

Google Ads is a widely used digital marketing tool that drives website traffic, brand awareness, and sales. Online advertising allows businesses to reach millions of people and target specific demographics more likely to purchase a particular product or service.

According to research by Gitnux, 246 million people visit Google Ads monthly, and 80% of internet users view these ads. Unlike print ads, one of the many benefits of Google Ads is that digital advertising allows businesses to track their success in real-time. Companies can see whether users clicked on their ads and if they converted by making a purchase, downloading the app, or making a service call.

Working alongside an experienced digital marketing agency like Cork Tree Creative will increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and allow your budget to stretch further. We have the tools and knowledge to manage your Google Ads campaigns effectively and grow your organization’s online digital footprint.

Partner with a Certified Google Ads Agency.


Google Ads Campaign Management: Maximizing Performance and ROI

Google Ads campaign management involves continuously managing and optimizing digital ads and ad groups to get the most value and return on your ad spend. It is crucial to continually assess the data from Google Ads and revise your overall campaign structure to meet your specific advertising goals.

In order to optimize the performance of your ad campaigns, there is a variety of steps and tactics. First, you must set your daily ad campaign budget. Then, you need to research and create a list of targeted keywords that are relevant to your company’s specific products or services. When users in your targeted area search for these words or phrases, your ad will be entered into the auction to appear in Google’s search results. Additionally, it is equally important to identify negative keywords, which are words or phrases you do not want your ads to appear for. For example, if you create a Google Ad for a designer company, you do not want this company to appear in a Google search for discount items. You must also identify the specific demographics for your target audience - the group of individuals you want to be served your ads. These demographics can include location, age, gender, household income, parental status, etc. All of these components directly affect how your ad campaigns perform.

Setting up Google Ads campaigns and continuously monitoring them can be overwhelming and time-consuming for business owners. Letting a trusted marketing firm optimize your campaign performance can help maximize your return on investment and increase your digital advertising traffic. At Cork Tree Creative, we have the resources and expertise to create your ad campaigns as well as continuously evaluate and adjust them to elevate your revenue and visibility.

PPC Advertising Strategies: 
Driving Success with Targeted Campaigns

PPC, which stands for pay-per-click, is an online advertising model where advertisers run ads on Google and pay a fee each time a user clicks on them. PPC is a great way to get directly in front of your business’s target audience when they are actively searching for your products or services. Since PPC is highly technical, testing and implementing various strategies on your campaign is essential to see which fits your goals. Methods for successful PPC advertising on Google Ads include ad targeting, content development and copywriting, ad scheduling, and A/B testing.

The best approach to aligning your campaigns with your target audience and business goals is to create targeted ads that incorporate keywords, demographics, and locations, a clear call-to-action (CTA, and ad extensions.

Incorporating relevant keywords in your campaign’s ad copy and landing pages increases your ad quality. Better ad quality translated to better visibility. Placement targeting displays your ads on specific platforms that align with your target audience’s interests. Layering in targeted demographics and locations improves your ad’s performance by narrowing your audience to a particular group more likely to be interested in your product or service.

We recommend scheduling your campaigns to run on specific times and dates. This can be determined by analyzing the data to determine at which times of the day and week increase conversions and traffic for the best optimization.

A/B testing allows advertisers to compare different ads’ performance. PPC ad testing can compare which headline, copy, links, or keywords resonate with your target audience most and makes the most impact.

Successfully utilizing these strategies can be challenging, especially if you are new to the mechanics of digital advertising. Cork Tree Creative has experience in PPC advertising and can successfully implement each strategy into your business’s ad campaign.

Google Display Network: 
Reaching a Wider Audience with Visual Google Ads

The Google Display Network (GDN) places thousands of digital ads on websites and apps to reach a broader audience. This is an effective strategy in placing your ads alongside related content in front of audiences across thousands of sites.

Most businesses utilize display campaigns on GDN because they are visually engaging. Display campaigns are a cost-effective way to reach a large consumer base and drive brand awareness. When businesses use display ads and campaigns, they can reach people on their favorite platforms, create engaging formats, and utilize remarketing strategies.

The GDN is so robust that your ad can be seen worldwide by millions of websites and apps that Google owns. This kind of exposure is a great way to gain more online traffic and reach new and existing consumers for your business.

Retargeting also increases visibility and branding. Google retargeting tracks when customers view and move throughout your website and the internet. When businesses remarket themselves, they serve targeted ads to users who have already visited their website. Retargeting ads enable you to re-engage with potential customers and encourage them to interact with your business.

Before placing your ads on the GDN, ensure they are designed and formatted correctly for every platform. In order to increase brand visibility and clicks, a display ad must be high quality and engaging.

At Cork Tree Creative, our employees are Google Ads certified and know how to work directly with Google for the best results. We can create engaging graphic designs and utilize the GDN to expand your business and ads’ audience.

Conversion Tracking and Optimization: 
Maximizing Conversions and ROI

A conversion is when a user takes a specific action after clicking on your ad. A conversion can range from making a phone call, purchasing a product, downloading an app, or signing up for a newsletter. The common denominator for all conversions is that they benefit your business.
Tracking conversions is extremely helpful in evaluating an ad’s performance and effectiveness. Conversion tracking also help identify which ads and keywords drive business most successfully.

At Cork Tree Creative, our web developers work directly with our Google Ads team to set up conversion tracking on campaigns. The first step we take in this process is identifying what type of conversion call to action (CTA) is best suited for your digital advertising goal. Then, we incorporate the CTA on the ads’ landing page in a clear, prominent spot on the web page above the fold. Then, we will install the conversion tracking tag in the backend of your website to track when a user clicks on your ad and completes the conversion action. Lastly, we will test the conversion tracking to ensure it is working correctly and accurately recording conversions.

Choosing the Best Google Ads Agency: 
Factors to Consider

Certain factors must be considered when hiring an agency to run your Google Ads. Since Google Ads is such a complex, ever-evolving marketing platform, you might want to partner with certified Google Ads-certified agency. This certification shows they are trained and experienced in creating and managing Google Ads.

Another factor to consider is their experience and expertise. An agency should be able to showcase different Google Ads campaigns they have worked on with clients and their success rates. Even if they are certified in Google Ads, it is important that they prove they can effectively use this platform to drive conversions, revenue, and visibility.

We also recommend looking at each agency’s client testimonials and Google My Business reviews to compare how others view their work.

Cork Tree Creative is not only Google Ads certified, but we also have experience creating engaging and successful Google Ads. Our client testimonials and reporting prove that we produce ads that perform and increase sales.

Empowering Your Business with a Google Ads Agency

Working alongside a trusted Google Ads agency gives your business a customized ad campaign that achieves your goals. Our team at Cork Tree Creative is well-versed in the Google Ads landscape and can create campaigns that drive sales among your target audience.

Additionally, our team meets weekly with a Google account strategist to review our campaigns, identify areas of improvement, and show us ways to optimize campaigns better. Since Google Ads constantly has updates and new ad features, we benefit from having a Google strategist to inform us of any changes, provide support, make the most of our client’s budget, and answer any questions we have.

By working with Cork Tree Creative, you receive services that leverage Google Ads to increase your business’s reach and profitability. Elevate your digital marketing game by hiring a certified Google Ads marketing agency that understands the mechanics of Google Ads and how to optimize data to produce results.