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Online Review and Reputation Management

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Online Reputation Management Services

Raise your hand if you have read through an organization’s Google reviews before deciding to utilize its services or products. Is your hand raised? Ours are.

With the web at our fingertips, it is extremely rare for a person to make a purchase without reading through a business’s online reviews first. In fact, according to the Local Consumer Review Survey, 90 percent of consumers read at least one review before deciding to visit a business. This is especially true for health care searches. This is why you need a reputation management company that knows the in's and out's of brand reputation management.

Importance of Online Reputation Management

Think of an online review as a digital marketing word-of-mouth recommendation for your business. It has the power to drive a potential customers to use a service or make a purchase OR to turn them away to a competitor. As a business, you really can’t afford to neglect or ignore your online reviews. You may be thinking “I don’t have the time to worry about what people are saying about us online.” We get it. Your plate is full.

That’s where our online review outreach team comes in.

Google Business – Formerly Google My Business (GMB)

Your Google Business listing, like your website, is a virtual front door. Users can search for a location near them, and your organization will come up – if optimized correctly. A well-crafted Google Business profile can help:
  • Increase online exposure
  • Get potential customers to you with fewer clicks
  • Highlight your services
  • And above all…showcase your excellent star ratings and reviews
The Cork Tree Creative team sets you up for success by optimizing your Google Business listing and then we increase your reviews AND star ratings. Trust your personal online reputation to one of the best online reputation management company in St. Louis.

We Increase the Volume of Your Positive Online Reviews

Our team takes a proactive approach to your online reputation. We will develop a customized strategy to grow your positive reviews online, starting at the source with your longest (most loyal) customers. Our approach involves a robust online management system that requests reviews by sending texts and/or emails based upon your clients or health system’s EMR.

The Goal: To secure positive and personal 5-star reviews that will boost your business.

We Respond to Positive Reviews

Why is responding to online reviews important? Review response enables you to have an authentic conversation with your customers. You have the power to help control the narrative of your business is perceived online. Plus, it allows you to take the time to make a customer feel valued and heard, which can foster a long-term relationship.

Did you know that your reviews impact your local search rankings? Responding to reviews can help boost your local SEO.

As part of our online review management services, we will respond to reviews on your company’s behalf in a way that is genuine and real.

We Respond to Negative Reviews Too

While a negative review isn’t favorable, sometimes it is inevitable. Negative reviews happen to everyone. You have the power to help control the narrative of how your business is perceived online. If your company receives a bad review online, don’t panic. We will work with you to respond to it in the most appropriate, professional way. (And yes, you need to respond.) Responding to negative reviews can also boost SEO and keyword rankings when handled effectively. 

According to ReviewTrackers, more than half of customers expect businesses to respond to their negative reviews within a week.

Our online reputation management team has found that more often than not, an unhappy customer just wants to be heard and offered an apology or a way to make the situation right. Our team can help you draft a genuine, proper response to a negative review with the goal of resolving the situation. If you are in the need of online reputation management services, Cork Tree Creative has your back!
Automated Reviews for 26 Locations with 130 Providers
18 Month Results:

Went from 246 Total Google Reviews to 5,652 Total Google Reviews

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Increased Google Star Rating from 2.5 Stars to 4.74 Stars

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The Numbers Speak for Themselves

A healthcare organization came to us seeking help in improving their online reputation. Their 26 locations had an average Google star rating of 2.5 In 18 months, Cork Tree Creative raised their online review rating to an average 4.74 stars, and we increased their online reviews from 246 to 5,652. This has resulted in a significant increase in patient phone calls and appointments. We pride ourselves when it comes to reputation management services and strategies and have experience with accounts from large to small. 
Growing your company’s roster of online reviews takes time and dedication. Luckily for you, Cork Tree Creative can take the reins in managing your online reputation. We will help you turn customers into powerful advocates for your biz.

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