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Photography Services

Have you heard the saying “a picture paints a thousand words”? At Cork Tree Creative, we believe they can paint a million. When you incorporate custom images into your company’s marketing tactics, you are authenticating your brand. Thus, attracting loyal customers. People want to purchase products and services from companies they feel that they know and trust. Photography is one of the simplest and yet most powerful ways to connect with your target audience. Custom photos invite people in to truly get to know your business and your people.

Commercial Photography St. Louis

Did you know on average, people remember only 10 percent of information 3 days after hearing it? However, including a photo with the information can increase the memory to 65 percent. Photos stick with us and for good reason. Incorporating imagery across your website, social media channels and marketing collateral will not only help your company be noticed, but also remembered. While stock photos have their benefits, taking the time to capture photos of your actual business, its employees and products or services is worth the time and investment. Not sure where to start? Our in-house photographers team is here to help!

In-House Photographer Services

With Cork Tree Creative’s custom photography services, your company can build its marketing images portfolio with a wide variety of professional, quality photos. From proper lighting to editing, our in-house experienced photography team will handle all of the logistics of the photoshoot. We will take the time to capture the unique details of your business to convey who you really are to your customers and to stand you apart from your competition. Whether you're looking for editing services or printing assistance, our professional Edwardsville studio has you covered.

Our corporate commercial photography services include:
  • Product Promotions
  • Food and Beverage Portraits
  • Employee Headshots
  • Team Photos
  • Environmental Photos Around the Office
  • Event Photography


Looking for professional headshots in the Metropolitan St. Louis region? Searching for an event photographer in Illinois or Missouri? Make sure your company’s marketing pieces are conveying the image you want to portray with our professional photography services. Contact us today to learn more.