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Print, TV, and Radio Advertising

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TV, Radio & Print Media Advertising

With digital advertising taking the world by storm, it is easy to discredit or undervalue the power of print, TV and radio advertising. However, we are here to tell you that you shouldn’t. Yes, these tactics are viewed as traditional, but that is because they are tried and true. Print, TV and radio ads allow your business to reach your target audience when they are offline. (Yes, people do go offline.) You can grab their attention on their morning commute to work, while they are watching their favorite true crime series or when they are reading the paper with their cup of Joe.

Print Media Campaigns

When done correctly, print advertising can be a powerful tool in your company’s marketing toolbelt. At Cork Tree Creative, we trust in the power of print. How can we help you leverage your print advertising campaign? First, our copywriting team will draft engaging copy that truly sells the message you are wanting to deliver to the readers. It will include a witty headline paired with a strong call to action. Don’t worry, we will keep it short and sweet so that our graphic designers can work their magic. They will bring your brand’s aesthetic to life with the thoughtful use of fonts, colors, imagery and white space. The end result: an ad that gets your company noticed and remembered.

TV Commercial Production Services

While the medium of television has evolved with streaming services on the rise, watching TV continues to prove to be a popular pastime. We know what you are thinking. “Do people even pay attention to TV commercials anymore?” Yes, if they are done well. That’s where we come in. We understand that the average human attention span is eight seconds (that is shorter than a goldfish’s). That’s why our creative team will think BIG when it comes to your company’s TV ad. We will work with your team to develop a standout message that is authentic to your brand. Then, we will draft a script and create a storyboard that brings that message full circle to truly grab the viewer’s attention right from the comfort of their couch.

Radio Advertising Guides

Advertising your company on the radio allows you to reach people when they are most receptive to actually listen. It can be a cost-effective way to connect with your audience during the downtime of their days when they can’t be sidetracked by a million other things. Radio ads offer a realm of possibilities for your business. You could promote a holiday sale with a catchy, can’t be forgotten jingle. Use a customer testimonial to convey how your business offers the best. Share an important topic that your community faces with a PSA radio ad. The options are endless with a experienced radio ad agency.

Cork Tree Creative will act as your radio advertising agency and help you pick a radio advertising campaign that will help you achieve your marketing objectives. Our team will write a radio ad script that truly speaks to your audience. We also have access to voiceover talent to read your ad in a way that will get it heard. With our radio advertising services, we can give your brand a voice.

Tv, Radio, and Digital Advertising Together

In order to maximize your ROI, we recommend combining these offline advertising tactics with your current digital advertising strategy. We can help achieve a cohesive campaign with elite radio media buying strategy. Our team will develop consistent messaging and assets across all marketing channels to cast a wider net for potential customers. From a local radio station spot to a magazine spread and Facebook campaign, we will ensure that each advertisement helps your brand break through the noise and stand apart from the competition.

CORK TREE CREATIVE KNows Print, Radio, and TV Media Advertising

Our team has found that print, tv, and radio marketing strategies perform best when every component is working in sync to help tell the overall story. We will integrate your traditional advertising with your digital advertising campaigns to ensure that your story is reaching your targeted audience both online and off.