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Crisis Management Services

What is crisis management? As a business owner, you know that as much as you’d like to, you can’t plan for everything. When a crisis occurs - which can be any threat, unanticipated event, or negative disruption with the potential to cause damage - you need to be prepared to respond to it in a way that minimizes its effect on your business and community. That’s why effective crisis management implementation and strategies are so important. Utilizing a strategy-based approach when identifying and responding to potential threats helps you bounce back from uncertain conditions and plan your course of action for the future.

Crisis management can be overwhelming and intimidating, which is what makes professional assistance key when preparing for and responding to crises effectively. As a premium crisis communication specialist and service provider, Cork Tree Creative is here to help every step of the way when it comes to implementing crisis management solutions and strategies for your business. We offer our professional PR services with the goal of helping organizations manage and mitigate potential reputation-damaging events, as well as assisting in preparation for the future after such an event.

Crisis Management Plan

The importance of having a crisis management plan in place when it comes to taking care of your business cannot be understated. When a crisis occurs, it can be without warning and with devastating effects. According to HubSpot, 69% of business leaders reported experiencing a crisis over five years, with the average number of crises being three. The goal of implementing a crisis management plan is to minimize any damage while restoring business operations as quickly and effectively as possible.

How your business reacts to a crisis is crucial to operations and reputation; identifying who on your team will respond is an essential step in being prepared. While there is no guaranteed way to know what type of crisis may occur, conducting a risk analysis can give you an idea of the potential hazards your business might face. Once you’ve analyzed potential risks, determining the business impact of each will help prepare you for the potential damage each could cause.

As part of our crisis communication planning, Cork Tree works with your organization to review the plan and provide training for your team in multiple essential areas. What does our crisis management plan help with?

  • Crisis levels and appropriate actions
  • Communication team - roles and level of response
  • Event analysis
  • Media contact list
  • Media monitoring protocol
  • Response timeline
  • Key messaging and response language
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • Post-crisis review

These skills help your team improve their presentation, interview, and communication skills, including working with the media and handling tough questions.

Crisis Management in Public Relations

Crisis management is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are a range of strategies to utilize, so determining which methods to employ that will be most beneficial for your business is key to effective crisis management.

Because each business and each crisis is different, tailoring management strategies to the nature of a crisis is essential to success. After we’ve worked together on developing your crisis management plan, it is essential that your team members understand how to properly carry out its deliverables in a professional manner.

Coordinating with media outlets to craft consistent messages is essential to crisis management. The role of the media is to inform the public, and when there’s a crisis, they will publish information regardless of your input. Work with the media instead of against them to guarantee that the information being published is as accurate as possible.

Cork Tree works one-on-one with your organization to review your unique crisis plan and provide training on the following:

  • Presentation skills and interview tips
  • Delivery of key messaging
  • Response to challenging questions and situations
  • How to work with members of the media (particularly reporters) to share key messages
  • Crisis simulation scenarios

It can be easy to lose focus on your own organizational communication when dealing with a crisis. However, maintaining effective internal communication during a crisis is essential to keeping your employees informed, involved, and aligned with business goals. Without clear communication between team members, employees may feel insecure and anxious, which can reflect in their work and attitudes. The more cohesive your internal communication is, the more successful your external crisis management will be.

PR Crisis Management Examples

In every brand and every industry, crises occur. Crises are unavoidable in running a business, but with the right crisis management tools, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Effective crisis management efforts will not only minimize the damage caused but strengthen the organization’s relationship with the public.

Johnson & Johnson's response to the 1982 Tylenol crisis was a prime example of effective crisis management. Despite being blameless, the company implemented a comprehensive response including a halt on advertising, warning messages to healthcare facilities and stakeholders, and safety warnings to consumers. Additionally, they introduced tamper-proof packaging to prevent future incidents. J&J's transparency, integrity, and prompt action set a great example for crisis management.

However, not all companies employ effective crisis management, and the results can be damaging to both profit and reputation. Even if you are not currently going through a crisis, it is best to participate in ongoing public relations to stay ahead of the press and possible crises. In addition to our comprehensive plan, Cork Tree Creative offers ongoing PR and listening campaigns. What would this mean for your business?

  • Media Monitoring – Track brand mentions and earned media across TV, radio, online news sources, licensed print, podcasts, and social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.).
  • Crisis Monitoring – Stay on top of potential PR crises by spotting small problems before they grow. Real-time alerts on topics pertaining to the client’s industry.
  • PR Support and Initiatives – Identify opportunities for positive media exposure and provide any necessary ongoing updates on a crisis event.

Companies must be prepared to adapt in the face of crises and make necessary changes to policies or practices to regain trust and prevent further incidents. Don’t get caught in a crisis - let’s work to prevent them.

Business Crisis Management Agency

Crisis management campaigns can make or break your business. They are also a complex and multifaceted process that requires an experienced team to be fully prepared. Outsourcing crisis management PR services can ease the burden from your shoulders and allow you to focus your efforts on other business demands while a professional team sets you up for success.

You want to find the right agency that will best serve your organization’s unique needs, challenges, and expectations. That’s where Cork Tree Creative comes in! Our experienced and dedicated team of public relations specialists is here to assist you every step of the way when it comes to crisis management - from preparation and implementation to recovery. Cork Tree Creative will help develop a targeted campaign that not only identifies potential risks to your company but accounts for every outcome and plans for each solution. When a crisis strikes, Cork Tree is your go-to for all crisis communication public relations efforts. We offer:

And more to ensure that from disaster preparation to response and recovery services, our team of PR professionals has you covered in all areas of crisis management. Your business deserves the best security, and as a top crisis communication firm, Cork Tree is here to provide.

Ready to set yourself up for success? Contact us today to get started planning for your future!