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Enhance Your PR Strategy with Press Release Services

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Press Release Writing and Distribution Services 

In today's marketing landscape, brands are bending backward to control their business's narrative. By distributing a stellar press release, your company can share the latest and greatest while connecting with clients in a unique way. For those in need of St. Louis and Edwardsville press release services, we've got you covered. Cork Tree Creative is a team of public relations professionals that identifies one-of-a-kind opportunities for our clients. We offer our expertise in drafting press releases and distributing them to the media. Our press services generate publicity and share companies' stories with their communities and target audiences.

Leveraging a Story with Press Release Services

One way to control the narrative and leverage a story is through a press release. Whether you have a company new hire or an upcoming event you want to promote, the purpose of a press release is to share meaningful news and help your business stand out through story-telling.

It can be difficult to cultivate a meaningful, legible press release, though. Journalists want news releases to be straightforward and newsworthy, making it difficult for the average Joe to write up a successful one. This is the reason many businesses outsource their press releases to a capable PR firm. Cork Tree Creative can help your business with our savvy press services.

Outsourcing Your Press Release Services 

Press release format and development is a tricky skill to master. The basic composition of a news release often includes foreign symbols and words such as "For Immediate Release" and "###." To the typical eye, these often mean nothing, which is why outsourcing your news release services can benefit your business and the journalists receiving your release.

For those searching for the best press release services, look no further. A PR firm, like Cork Tree Creative, can craft your news release from start to finish. From identifying PR opportunities and drafting the press release to pitching to the media, conducting thorough follow-up, and posting on social media platforms, a PR company has it all covered.

Pitching Your Story

Once your business has an up-to-date media list of local and relevant news and publication contacts, your press release is good to pitch. No, in this case, pitching is not sport-related. A pitch is an attempt at persuading news outlets that your brand's story is something worthy of publishing. Press release distribution services can be beneficial when trying to pitch your press release to the media. A PR firm knows how to communicate with your target audience clearly and put a press release on the wire to expand its distribution and gain further exposure.

If you are interested in PR services, Cork Tree Creative can help draft and pitch your press release to the media. Our clever writers are able to strengthen a story to capture the attention of both journalists and your target audience. Our diverse firm has access to unique news outlets that can spread the story across your targeted communities.

An eye-catching press release could be the next step to capturing a new client's attention or cultivating trust with your current clientele. Contact our team today to learn more about our press release services and how we can grow your business throughout the St. Louis Metro-East region!

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