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Social Media Management and Advertising

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Social Media Marketing Services

Let’s talk social and the benefits it brings for your business. We are often asked “Why should I hire a social media manager and include social media in my marketing strategy?” The simplest answer is “Why not?”. According to HubSpot, 4.55 billion people are active on social media. It is no surprise that companies are dedicating more time and resources to their social media strategies to connect with customers, build communities, improve their SEO and get direct feedback on their products or services.

Your company can do the same. If you don’t have the time or resources to organize and implement a social media campaign for your biz, we’ve got your back with social media management St Louis advertising services.

St. Louis Social Media Management

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Business, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest—the list of popular social media platforms can be a bit overwhelming. Where does your business fit in? Based on your customer base, our team of social media specialists will work with you to determine what platforms make the most sense for you to be present and active on. The social media outlets that are right for you might be wrong for the business across the street from you. Why? Because you offer different products and/or services. You want to show up where your target audience and your competition is.

Digital Marketing Services

After we have successfully set up your social media accounts and optimized your profiles, it is time to start creating content. Each month, we will:
  • Develop a calendar of engaging posts that includes a well-rounded mix of products/services features, team member spotlights, industry tips and tricks and community-related content.
  • Draft the posts in the most effective way for each individual social network.
  • Design custom graphics or pull photos to go with each post.
  • Schedule the posts at specific times off day for maximum visibility.
  • Report to you on the posts’ performance.
  • Grow your following.
  • Respond to and engage with your followers on your behalf.
Now that we have covered the organic side of social media, it is time to talk paid—social media advertising.

Strategic Planning for Social Media

As social media has taken the world by storm, it is no surprise that it has become one of the most popular paid digital marketing channels. In fact, according to Spout Social, social media advertising is used by 83% of marketers. It is a cost-effective, hyper-focused way to directly reach your target audience. From stories ads to carousel ads and video ads, there is a wide variety of options to promote your business on social media in a creative, highly engaging way. With all of these opportunities, it can be a little overwhelming on knowing where to start. That’s where we come in. Our social media team is well-versed in all areas of social media advertising, staying up to date on all the latest tricks and trends across every platform. With our business social media services, we provide the following:
Through our tried and true social media advertising tactics, we achieve results for our clients.
  • Develop Social Media Strategic Plan and suggest ideal campaign budgets.
  • Copy and creative for the ads (photos, custom graphics and videos).
  • Assistance with the landing page for best user experience and conversions.
  • Selection of campaign duration, target audience and geographic locations.
  • A/B testing when appropriate to see which version of the ad performs the best.
  • Reporting on the campaign’s success.


As one of the top marketing agencies in St Louis we pride ourselves on putting our best foot forward. Are you ready to hit the ground running and elevate your company’s presence on social media? Contact us and our social media manager to get started.

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