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Touchette Regional Hospital

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COVID-19 Response

Touchette Regional Hospital, a non-profit acute care hospital, provides affordable quality care to a small underserved population in Cahokia Heights, IL and surrounding communities. In addition to a complete rebrand, the hospital enlisted our marketing efforts and we have served as the Agency of Record since 2018.

As the Agency of Record, we were called upon to assist Touchette Regional Hospital with various marketing efforts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
As a hospital, this client had to adapt to the fast and ever-changing health care environment. In order to ensure the hospital continued to run efficiently, as new updates came in, we would quickly assist in signage updates, press releases, clinic information distribution and various social media campaigns surrounding COVID-19 facts and vaccination.
In alignment with the efforts of their sister organization, SIHF Healthcare, the hospital asked us to launch a compelling COVID-19 Vaccination campaign. In order to reach the correct audience, we utilized digital advertising, social media and billboards to quickly deploy the “I got it for them” campaign.
By utilizing well-known community figures such as a bishop, fire chief and preacher, we gained the community’s trust. Once the “I got it for them” campaign was launched, we rolled out a campaign to list various accessible vaccination locations.
With the help of a grant, the hospital invested its budget towards a large digital marketing campaign. By analyzing Google Analytics, we were able verify the success of the campaign. The landing page remains in the top 5 visited pages on the site.
Our team’s ability to adapt and provide rapid responses to the client’s requests not only helped to ensure the hospital continued to operate smoothly but also promote community health and safety.