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This school is the best school ever been to, like, they really teach you how to do things in life and in schoolwork, like, they will help you, I thank God that I did come to this school, because it's the best place for me. And I'm helping people they helping me,

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she went from bad grades, you know, like, struggling really bad. And then once we got here, to CYHS she became an Honor Roll Student. She's on the student council. Um, I mean, it went from. So you know, it was, it's a great transition. And I'm just so proud of her.

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Here we have a different group of kids, they have a different set of needs, and so do their families, and we're able to be there for them in a holistic way. And that's one thing that I really like about this environment in this program, is that, you know, when they leave us, they, you know, Hi, how are you in the grocery store, and they, you know, they remember those things, and they still talk about some of the things that we've helped them with, for a lot of our kids, they've been in a lot of different settings, and some of them feel like people have given up on them. And here that's just not that's not what we do.

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You got to come here to understand how it is. Because some people think it just like a bunch of kids are who just bad, like Just bad hard. But it's not it's like kids who actually good. Like, actually smart people her like everybody different. That's why like you come to this school to like, basically understand who you are.

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It's not always when students come here at first, it's kind of like, oh, my gosh, here I am at the school not okay, what can I do now. So they're kind of already down on themselves a little bit. And so it's really, we got to find that motivation in them, and then when they find that motivation, their parents can see all the good things they're doing at home, as well as at school.

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I know that the younger kids who are just come in, they probably look up to me, and I don't want to lead them wrong. So I try to be good. And I try like to keep everyone on track. Even the kids my age, I told him like we got two young kids looking at us and we can mistake we can't do anything wrong because they go do it and they go think it's okay. And so I think that the teachers and counselors, they helped me like get that, like, helped me like figure out

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the partnership, we'll CYHS they are awesome. Okay, they they keep me informed about Anna, they let me know. And communication is key to any relationship and especially concerning my child, you want to be able to communicate with, you know, the teachers and the staff in order to know how to better assist your child, you know, the partnership with them, they helped me to know how to actually help her. But life is about risks. You know, life is about stepping out on faith. Take a leap of faith, go out and let your child you know, be involved with a place that's going to help them to succeed in life and in endeavors, you know, in their future. You know, take that chance take that risk. I did.