So, you’re looking to break into the world of public relations? Great!

 Now more than ever, businesses and organizations are looking for sharp, creative and organized individuals to help make a name for themselves. Whether its Crisis Communication amidst a global pandemic, Brand Marketing through planned events (virtual and in-person) or Media Relations – using channels such as print or broadcast to share company messaging, there are many ways in which public relations can be utilized across a number of industries.

 If you’re a student looking to start your future career or a seasoned professional wanting a change of pace, here are some of the top skills we think any public relations professional – and marketing maven too, for that matter – should have.

Writing Skills

No matter what sector you go into, a job in public relations requires a lot of writing. Familiarizing yourself with the ins and outs of AP Style is essential. Along with knowledge of your client or organization, you will also need to be able to convey your writing quickly and concisely. With tight deadlines, changing audiences and steadily decreasing attention spans, it’s important to get your main points out as soon as possible to the media. You’ll also be required to write for a variety of mediums. From press releases, editorials, blogs, promotional flyers and more, a savvy PR professional will be able to write compelling copy that will keep their audience engaged from start to finish.

Project Management

The world of public relations and marketing can be incredibly fast-paced. Whether you work for an agency, nonprofit or corporate entity, one of the greatest skills you can have is the ability to project manage. This means keeping up with tight deadlines and, perhaps, even multiple projects at once. In some instances, you may be the only individual responsible for a project, but in most other cases, you’ll have an entire team, including graphic designers and photographers, that you’ll need to frequently follow up with to assure your deliverables are being met on time.

Problem Solving

Unfortunately, in life, seldom does everything go according to plan. Odds are, if you work in public relations, you’ll face your fair share of problems. The key is finding creative ways to solve them. While there may not be a catch-all way to boost your problem-solving skills, you can find ways to give you a new perspective. Some of the best solutions arise when we start asking ourselves “why?” Why do we do things this way? Why did this go wrong? From there you can then begin to think of things such as “How can we improve it?”


Along with the changing needs of clients and your organization, the world of public relations is also constantly shifting. As more and more new technology becomes available, along with circulating trends and strategies, professionals need to be willing to learn new skills and adapt. Failure to do so can negatively impact your performance in the long run. Another aspect of this involves flexibility with your clients, organization and teammates. This loops back to problem solving. Sometimes, life just happens. You need to be able to make quick decisions, and if things go wrong, own up to the consequences.


This seems obvious, and isn’t necessarily specific to public relations, but it is an important skill to have. Effective communication extends to any field. Communicating with your clients, teammates and outside stakeholders needs to be done clearly and effectively. This not only avoids any confusion, but it will also ensure both you and your client (whoever they may be) are on the same page when it comes to different projects. In this field, it’s also very likely you’ll be communicating with individuals from different cultures, backgrounds and geographic locations in a wide variety of situations and contexts.

As an award-winning creative agency, Cork Tree Creative relies on our crew of dedicated designers, writers and developers. Along with these core skills, our outstanding professionals bring with them different backgrounds and expertise that helps us to be able to best serve our clients and fulfill their marketing/public relations needs. 

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